104 pedestrians killed in road accidents in 8 months, data shows Gurgaon News

GURGAON: Every third person killed in road accidents in the city is a pedestrian, according to police data on fatal accidents. In the first eight months of this year, nearly 35 percent of crashes involved pedestrians. Between January and August, 293 people were killed in road accidents in the city, of which 104 were pedestrians.
A total of 758 accidents were reported during this period in which 531 people were injured. Of the 293 fatalities, 109 (37%) were two-wheeler riders, while 20 (7%) were four-wheeler riders.


51 others lost their lives on autorickshaws, tractors, e-rickshaws etc. A total of 1,040 accidents were reported last year, in which 404 people died. According to the police, lack of pedestrian safety infrastructure and high speed are the main reasons for the high number of pedestrian deaths in road accidents.
Deputy Commissioner Nishat Yadav said that in the last one year they have made some changes at a few intersections which have helped reduce pedestrian deaths. According to statistics, 137 pedestrians will lose their lives in road accidents in 2022. The number was 188 in 2017, 202 in 2018, 157 in 2019, 66 in 2020 and 118 in 2021.
A senior police officer said that reducing accidents in Gurgaon is a challenge as the number of vehicles on the roads is increasing along with the population due to new highways. “We correct black spots and new ones come up. Despite these challenges, we have been able to reduce pedestrian deaths through various measures,” the officer said. “There is a need for walkable streets in Gurgaon. It is difficult to travel two meters on the footpath without obstruction. Moreover, intersections are where most accidents happen, especially for pedestrians,” he said. The officer added.
Under the Gurgaon Vision Zero project, several government and other agencies worked to improve road design, in addition to quick fixes such as speed calming measures, signage, cat’s eyes, patchwork, and enforcement. Officials said it made fatal accidents less severe than in the past.
Rahgiri Foundation, an NGO, is also working to improve the design of several intersections, including Khushboo Chowk, MDI Chowk, IFFCO Chowk, Hero Honda Chowk, Subhash Chowk, Dhankot Chowk, Kanhai Chowk, Farrukh Nagar Chowk, Hali Mandi Chowk are included. , IMT Maniser Intersection, and Valley View Street.
While government agencies have received several design proposals, only a few projects have been implemented on the ground, including design optimization and installation of road safety elements at Khushboo Chowk and MDI Chowk. Last year, two road safety trial projects were successfully conducted at IFFCO Chowk and Hero Handa Chowk, the designs of which received preliminary approval from the authorities. GMDA Executive Engineer Amit Godara said that they are working towards making the city pedestrian-friendly and the work of upgradation and rehabilitation of footpaths is in progress.
“Currently, more than 93 km of footpaths are being developed along master roads in the city, including 11 km on the Rampura-Patudi stretch, 11 km on the 82A/83 sector road in Vatika City, Maidanta Hospital and its Around 12.4 km, including 15 km from IFFCO. Chowk to SPR and 56 km in Sectors 58-67. Godara said, “For better pedestrian movement, we will construct several foot over bridges in the city. Besides constructing new footpaths, GMDA is also focusing on improving the existing footpath infrastructure. Want to expand them for the convenience of pedestrians.”

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