'2 minutes of fuel left': IndiGo flight from Ayodhya to Delhi faces 'terrible experience' due to bad weather

Passengers on board an IndiGo flight from Ayodhya to Delhi reportedly had a “horrendous experience” when the plane attempted to land twice at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport but failed due to bad weather. could The incident took place on April 13. Flight 6E2702.

A passenger on the flight took to microblogging site X to describe the “terrifying experience”.

Had a harrowing experience yesterday with @IndiGo6E flight number 6E2702 from Ayodhya to Delhi. The scheduled time of departure is 3:25 PM and the scheduled time of arrival is 4:30 PM. At approximately 4:15 p.m., the pilot announced that the weather was bad.

Delhi Airport and assured that the aircraft has a 45 minute fuel hold. The pilot attempted landing twice, failed due to bad weather and still wasted considerable time in deciding the next course of action,” he wrote.

After failing to land twice at Delhi airport, the pilot announced that the flight had been diverted to Chandigarh airport. The flight managed to land in Chandigarh at 6:25 pm after 115 minutes of the announcement of '45 minutes of fuel'.

“By this time many of the passengers and crew started to panic,” the passenger added, “Finally the plane landed at Chandigarh airport at 6:10 pm after a delay of 115 minutes. Succeeded in doing so. 45 minutes holding fuel announcement.”

Upon landing the passengers were informed by the crew that they had only 2 minutes of fuel left at the time of landing.

“After landing it was found that we landed on time and only 1 or 2 minutes of fuel left from the crew. What an ordeal it was for the passengers @DGCA @MoCA_GoI Please inquire if all SOPs are followed What was done or was it the least escape?” The traveler wrote.


Due to bad weather, however 22 flights were diverted at Delhi's IGI airport. Saturday evenings between 3:00 and 6:30 p.m. Heavy rains hit the national capital on Saturday evening affecting some flight operations.

Of the 22 flights to Delhi, nine were diverted to Jaipur, eight to Lucknow, two to Chandigarh and one each to Amritsar, Ahmedabad and Varanasi.

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Location: Chandigarh, India

First Publication: April 15, 2024, 11:11 IST

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