4 zodiac signs will get unexpected luck on July 1, 2024

Welcome the first day of July and the unexpected luck that comes with it. For four zodiac signs, our astrological charts tell us that the Moon, which conjuncts with Mars, also aligns with the Sun, Venus and Saturn. This brings us a turn of events, a positive and uplifting 'surprise'.

We may hear some very good news on this day. It is very likely that with all these planets in such a good position, those of us who experience this sudden and unexpected good fortune will find that it is both love-related and possibly financially beneficial. Here's to all the good news.

On Monday, July 1, four zodiac signs will be blessed with luck and everything will definitely be good in our world.

1. Gemini

Gemini natives will experience unexpected luck on July 1, 2024 Alexey | Canva Pro

You are working under the influence of Saturn and Mars on this day, July 1, 2024, and Gemini, consider yourself one of the lucky ones because this day and its transit really come to your rescue. This is a situation where you need money, and suddenly you get it. You might find yourself in a state of depression, but be patient, because this day is going to turn everything in your favor.

Not only will you get good news, but that good news will take away many of your worries. Once you start thinking clearly again, miracles will start happening. All you need is a clear mind, without any worrying thoughts, and after this Monday, you will be free and clear.

Your unexpected luck is only expected because you have worked hard to achieve your position on this day. However, you let your anxiety take over, and that held you back. All is well now, because this Moon-Mars combination really saves the day and at exactly the right time. Gratitude prevails, Gemini!

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2. Leo

Leo natives will experience unexpected luck on July 1, 2024 Alexey | Canva Pro

July 1 will open the doors of good fortune for you, and the way you're going to hear about it is from an unexpected source. Still, good news is good news, no matter how it comes to you. Because you have a Sun-Moon alignment, this unexpected turn of events can't help but bring joy and happiness.

Solar energy helps you reflect and clears the cobwebs that have clouded your mind. This is part of what paves the way for you to be there for this sudden and most fortunate event. Because you are ready, you are receptive, and your participation in it is important. Your attitude is receptive, and so you receive.

The universe sees you, Leo, and it knows that this is the right time to come to your aid, as it shows you that you are on the right path and everything in your life will be fine. So, stick with that positive thinking and continue living life the way you want to. Apparently, you have some very powerful friends 'up there'.

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3. Sagittarius

Sagittarius natives will experience unexpected luck on July 1, 2024 Alexey | Canva Pro

This Monday you have celestial bodies like the Sun, Venus, Mars and Saturn in your favour, and all are working hard to make your life better by being in sync with each other. What you will see happening at this time is a sudden change of events. You may not be expecting such a change, but it may change the way you think from now onwards.

You are not aware that by changing the path you are on, you are moving towards something completely new and much better than you expected. You are not a person who likes surprises, but you like your organization and predictability. The universe has planned a big change for you, and it is going to be much better than you imagined.

All you need to do is flow with it, Sagittarius. This may all seem like a strange new country to you, but you are an explorer and an adventurer. So trying something new will only lead you to greater good fortune. When you trust the universe, you win big. The victory is yours, Sagittarius!

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4. Pisces

Pisces natives will experience unexpected luck on July 1, 2024 Alexey | Canva Pro

Well, this is a sweet turn of events! That is what you will be saying by the end of the day on July 1, because you really had no idea that such good fortune was going to come your way. This unexpected turn has made you smile and feel very happy that somehow you have been 'chosen' to receive such good news.

Since Venus energy is very strong in your life, you are very likely to receive good news related to your love life. This could be the day when your partner will tell you something you wanted to hear or you will plan to do something that will take you to a place you have always wanted to go.

Mars powers the transit of Venus in such a way that 'good news' is inevitable for your sign, Pisces. This is not just good news. This is a great fortune, and even though it comes as a blow, it is definitely something you can handle and handle well. This is a great day for you, Pisces, and may you and your family have much joy and happiness!

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