$400 Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic pre-orders sell out

back in february, the Pokémon Company announced that it is reprinting beloved cards from the beginning of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, including the original holographic Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise, as part of a $400 board game set. Pre-orders went live on September 21 and sold out within the first hour.

Now we know exactly what cards are in three decks The Pokémon Trading Card Game is featured in the Classic Set, as well as its release date: November 17. The set also includes brand new cards, including Lugia First time from Japan.

Pre-orders go live on The Pokemon Company pokemon center Storefronts and GameStop soon after the release date was revealed, and stock quickly ran out. It’s also expected to become available for pre-order at Best Buy, Target, and other retailers at some point, but it’s unclear exactly when, or if they’ll take longer to sell out when they do. It’s also possible that some stores may be reserving some stock for additional pre-order waves.

The Pokemon Company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A screenshot shows scalper prices on eBay.

screenshot, eBay/Kotaku

The Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic set trades on millennial nostalgia for the original late-’90s Game Boy RPGs and their trading card spin-offs. I still remember exactly where I was when I opened my first three Pokémon booster packs and found a holographic Venusaur and Poliwrath, both of which have long since disappeared. I now have kids of my own, and it’s clear that the set and its ridiculous $400 price tag is aimed squarely at me.

As soon as the news of initial pre-order selling came out round on redditCollectors are quick to point out that you can actually buy copies of the original cards, including Holographic Charizards, for very little. The three decks featured in the Classic set are also not legal for tournaments. It is effectively just a replica of the expensive novelty. “It’s not worth it,” wrote A fan. “Good but $150 is my price. Would love to buy a Big 3 Vintage and a Switch Lite at this price.”

Anyone who wants a Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic set will need to keep their eyes peeled for a new round of pre-orders. Scalpers are already trying to reverse their existing orders On sites like eBay At a price hundreds more than the standard sticker price. It seems unlikely that anyone will actually buy them at the prices of up to $800 that resellers are currently requesting per set, but if The Pokemon Company doesn’t print enough stock to meet demand, there might be some frustrated fans. Can.

meanwhile, Red And Purple-era pokemon 151 set Takes the original Kanto Pokémon and presents them with beautiful new art. The expansion began on 22 September.

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