5 Fastest Ways to Make Money in GTA Online, Ranked (October 2023)

Rockstar Games has released several Halloween-themed missions in GTA Online this month and offers double and triple money rewards. This will make the grinding process relatively easier for all players as they will get more money for the same work. However, it is difficult to identify suitable missions as there are many of them in a multiplayer game. Most players like to earn money as quickly as possible to buy the items they want.

This article lists and ranks the five fastest ways to make money in GTA Online that you must try in October 2023.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects only the opinion of the author.

Five fast money making methods worth trying in GTA Online in October 2023

5) Night Club

Nightclubs are one of the best businesses in GTA Online that generate money from a variety of sources. While Nightclub Warehouse makes the most money, it takes time to turn a profit. As a result, most players prefer Nightclub Safe Lock which generates up to $50,000 in games per day.

However, you need to keep your nightclub business popular to maintain cash flow. If Nightcube’s popularity decreases, SafeLock will gradually make less money over time. Fortunately, Rockstar Games allows you to actively participate in Nightclub promotional activities, offering $5000 per mission. Many veterans use nightclubs as their main source of secondary income.

4) Payphone Hits

Payphone Hits is undoubtedly the best way to make money from GTA Online in 2023. These are assassination missions that offer $15,000 as a base amount. However, each mission comes with a set of instructions, and if you follow them accordingly, you will be rewarded with an additional $70,000. This brings the total amount to $85,000.

The missions are also simple and can be completed in minutes. They are similar to Lester’s assassination missions from Grand Theft Auto 5. Regularly grinding Payphone Hits eliminates the need to use the GTA Online money glitch to make money.

3) Junk Energy Skydives

Many players overlook Junk Energy Skydives, thinking that they offer little money compared to other missions in the game. However, Rockstar games also contain hidden surprises for those who grind them regularly. Each skydiving mission offers $5,000, and you can do up to ten junk energy skydives per day.

If you complete all ten regularly, you will be awarded an additional $50,000 in addition to the standard prizes. Plus, if you complete them all with a gold medal, you’ll get an extra $50,000 from Rockstar Games.

2) Auto Shop Client Jobs

Auto shop client jobs are very reliable for making quick money. For this you need to customize and deliver customers’ cars to their doorstep. GTA Online will randomly provide you with NPC cars that you can customize. You can make the deliveries yourself or delegate the responsibility to staff members.

While pay varies from car to car, you can expect to earn around $50,000 per delivery. This is one of the fastest ways to make money in GTA Online. However, one should not rush to their destination and definitely not damage the cars, as Rockstar will reduce the final payout with each major damage.

1) Judgment Day Anti Mode

Judgment Day Adversary Mode is currently the fastest way to make money in GTA Online. Rockstar Games offers triple money rewards on missions until October 11, 2023. While the final payout depends on the length of the game and your performance, you can easily earn around $90,000 in a good match.

To earn maximum money one should try to play missions with as many players as possible. Each round of the game lasts three minutes, and you can opt for multiple rounds to increase the payouts. Players can earn enough money with this mission to enjoy the Halloween season in the game.

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