55 km of roads will be reconstructed, only 16 km has been completed so far Ghaziabad News

Ghaziabad: Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation (GMC) is using a portable machine to quickly fill potholes in the city.
The Corporation has about 2,152 km of roads to maintain. About 55 km of these need to be resurfaced, and about 157 km need pothole filling. So far, only 16.5 km stretch has been reconstructed by GMC.
“We have completed the resurfacing work at Vasundhara, Lohia NagarAnd Sanjay Nagar. The rain slowed down the work, but we plan to complete it soon. The work of filling potholes in the city by our department is going on at a fast pace. The pothole-free campaign is underway from Hapur Chongi to Govindapuram and in other zones as well,” said a senior GMC official.
The machine patches small potholes efficiently, and there is no need to divert traffic during repairs. Pits can be repaired using cold premix screws or penetration screws, which are both economical and long-lasting.
The Municipal Commissioner also reviewed the campaign. A pothole that previously took hours to fill can be filled in minutes with this machine. Soon, our city roads will be pothole-free,” the official added.
Earlier this month, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath Directed to launch a special campaign to make the roads of Uttar Pradesh pothole free before Diwali. He directed every department to ensure that persons with criminal links do not get work contracts for any public interest projects.
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PKLMC started repairing potholed roads
The Municipal Corporation of Panchkula has started re-carpeting and patching up the city’s roads after councilors expressed concern over their poor condition. The MC Commissioner has assured that the potholes will be repaired within a week. The roads to be repaired include those connecting Budhnapur to the National Highway, Singh Dwar to Mansa Devi Complex and Geeta Chowk to Bella Vista Chowk. Additionally, roads near Sector 11 Market, Sector 15/16 Dividing Road, and Sector 10/15 Dividing Road will be re-carpeted. Repair work was delayed due to rain.
Raipur Mayor directs officials of civic bodies to repair pothole-riddled roads.
Raipur mayor has directed the zone commissioners to prioritize the necessary repair work on important roads in the city. Due to continuous rain and closure of asphalt plant, the repair work is delayed. Indian Oil Corporation Limited has been ordered to supply bitumen for road repair and improvement works. In response to the dilapidated condition of the roads, opposition leaders launched protests demanding immediate repairs ahead of the upcoming Ganesh immersion festival. In other news, road repair work has started in Mohali and Sundernagar, while pothole repair in Nagpur and Salt Lake region is a concern.
No slippery roads, potholes: Bypassing the Kherki toll, the road turns to the checkpoint.
Roundabout on Rampura-Patudi road in Gurgaon is facing heavy traffic jam due to delay in construction and presence of heavy vehicles trying to avoid toll. The poor design and condition of the roundabout worsens the traffic situation. The road repair work including the roundabout has been going on for 18 months but some patches have not been received yet. The Gurgaon Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) blames ongoing litigation for the delay, while the traffic police say they cannot do anything until the road is completed. Citizens have demanded immediate action from the authorities to solve these problems.

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