A day after the Lonavala horror, the man was swept away by the rapids of Pune Falls.

In Maharashtra's Lonavala, five members of a family were swept away by a waterfall, a similar tragedy occurred in Pune. A person was swept away by the flowing water at Pune's Tamhani Ghat. His body has been recovered.

The man, who was reportedly a trek leader, had gone to the popular picnic spot with 20 people, including friends and family. There, he decided to dive into the waterfall, confident that he could swim back. However, he was swept away by the strong current.

The man's 10-year-old daughter was recording her father's heroic feat that turned tragic. In the video, the man can be seen diving into a waterfall inflated by flowing water. He then tries to swim back to the surface but struggles a bit, looking for something to hold onto. When he finally grabs a rock at the edge of the waterfall, the rushing water sweeps him downstream.

A video of a family being washed away in a waterfall in Lonavala surfaced yesterday. Seven members of the family, including children, were trapped in the middle of the waterfall, wrapped around each other, before being swept away by the strong current. Only two of them managed to swim back.

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