A disabled person was beaten to death by a brick in Gurgaon.

Gurgaon: A 47-year-old man was allegedly hit on the head with a brick and killed while sleeping in a rickshaw on Basai Road on Tuesday night.
Nearby shop owners discovered the gruesome crime scene the next morning and informed the police about the bloodied body in a rickshaw. The victim was later identified as Shino, who earned her livelihood by begging at nearby temples. He had a prosthetic limb.
Chandra Prakash, who deals in gas ovens, said he saw the body around 8 am when he came to open his shop.
“I was shocked to see a man dead in front of my shop. He was hit on the head with something heavy like a stone. I had seen him begging in temples, but did not know his name. Har At night he would sleep somewhere near my shop. We asked each other, but none of us remembered his name,” said Chandra Prakash, who filed the police complaint.
A bag store owner said that some traders in the bazaar have decided to keep their shops closed for the day to protest against the crime. “Such heinous killings are troubling for any area. The police should intensify their patrols. Some of us have decided to keep our shops closed as a protest,” he added.
Palam Vihar ACP Naveen Sharma said that a police team reached the spot after receiving information about the alleged murder. “He appeared to have been hit repeatedly on the face and head. There was blood all around. Both in the rickshaw where he was sleeping and the road below him. There were a few bricks lying nearby. We suspect that they has been attacked. Bricks,” he added.
A team of forensic experts also inspected the spot. “We asked around to find out if anyone knew him, but no one could identify him. They all knew he would beg in temples and on the streets. Enough is enough,” said the ACP. After enquiry, we came to know that his name is Shino.”
Police tried to contact a man believed to be Shino’s uncle. “But he refused to identify her. There were some family issues between them. We are waiting for the family members to identify the body. We have to wait for at least 72 hours. Till someone The body has not been identified, we cannot do the post-mortem. Currently, it is in the mortuary,” Sharma said.
A police team that scanned CCTV footage from cameras installed in the vicinity said the images were too blurry to gather evidence. However, an FIR under Section 302 (murder) of the IPC was registered at the New Colony police station.

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