A Florida family sentenced for selling bleach as a cure for COVID-19 from a fake church


A Florida father and his three sons will spend years in prison after pleading guilty to fraud charges for selling bleach as a COVID-19 treatment.

Mark Grennan, 66, and son Joseph Grennan, 36, who fled to Colombia after the federal government first announced charges against them, were each sentenced to five years in prison – the maximum sentence imposed in the U.S. and the South American country. There was agreement between them. Extradition of the pair.

Mark Grennan’s other two sons, Jonathan Grennan, 37, and Jordan Grennan, 29, were sentenced to 12.5 years in prison for conspiracy and contempt for trying to “defraud the United States by distributing an unapproved and misbranded drug.” was sentenced, the DOJ wrote. A news release.

They were each ordered to pay about $2,000 in restitution.

“The defendants preyed on many vulnerable populations,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Homer said at the sentencing hearing.

The Vice Chancellor argued before the judge that he was indeed a victim as he had spent 1,152 days in jail.

The Grenon family reportedly refused to stop making MMS despite government instructions.
Genesis II Church of Health and Healing

According to the Miami Herald, the elder Grennan accused the government of “kidnapping” him.

He is asking the US to pay him $5.76 million in compensation for his “unlawful capture”.

When asked if he would receive a hefty sum, the judge told him it was a “nonsense question” and that he “wouldn’t answer that.”

Grenones represented himself at his summer trial.

Father-of-five Jonathan argued he has spent too much time in custody and should be released [his] Family.”

Mark Grenon, 66, and son Joseph Grenon, 36, received five-year sentences on Friday – the maximum agreed to between the US and Colombia for extradition. Both men fled the South American country after the federal government announced charges against them.
Fiscalía General de Colombia

“I’ve lost everything,” he said, according to the Miami Herald.

His brothers also made similar claims, but all were refuted.

The Grennan family sold “Miracle Mineral Solution” (MMS), a chemical solution that turned into bleach after being swallowed orally.

The solution is commonly used to treat industrial water and bleaching textile, pulp and paper, the DOJ said.

“The Grenones claimed that eating MMS could treat, prevent, and cure COVID-19,” the Justice Department said.

Two other sons, 37-year-old Jonathan Grenon and 29-year-old Jordan Grenon, were charged with conspiracy and contempt for trying to “defraud the United States by distributing an unapproved and misbranded drug,” the DOJ said. Was sentenced to one year in prison.

“However, the FDA has not approved MMS for the treatment of COVID-19 or any other use.”

A Bradenton, Florida, family sold fake COVID-19 cures from the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing — a fake house of worship they created to “avoid government regulation of MMS,” authorities said.

They were all ordered to pay about $2,000 each in restitution.
Genesis II Church of Health and Healing

He also claimed that MMS could cure 95% of diseases including cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, AIDS and others.

For patients to receive MMS, they had to make donations to Genesis, which were set at specific amounts – serving as the sales price – resulting in the clan earning over $1 million.

At one point, the DOJ said, the government obtained court orders to stop production of the counterfeit cure, but Grenon “knowingly violated those court orders and continued to distribute MMS.”

The family threatened to “take up guns” and instigate “wako” if the government enforced the ban.

Prosecutors accused the family of never showing remorse for their actions.

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