A man who was beaten up by bouncers at a pub in Gurugram has almost lost his sight.

Gurugram,Updated: October 10, 2023 19:38 IST

A group of bouncers physically assaulted a person at a pub in Gurugram’s Sector 29, police said on Tuesday.

The incident took place on Saturday, when the victim, Sameer Singh Vij, a non-resident Indian (NRI), and his lady friend went to a pub in the evening.

According to Summer, she and her friend had just ordered food when a fight broke out in the pub. Frightened by the sudden chaos, the two decide to leave the premises.

However, the bar manager approached him demanding payment of the bill. When Samar protested that she had not eaten anything, the bouncers started beating her mercilessly. They also attacked his friend.

He claimed that the attack was so severe that I could not see anything for a while.

‘I screamed, shouted for help, but…’

“I screamed and called for help, but the police at the scene did nothing,” claimed Samar.

He further alleged that despite his visible injuries and his friend’s pleas, the police officers refused to help him immediately. Instead, they told her friend to call the emergency number 112 if she needed police help.

Samar also accused the police of detaining him at the station for two hours before taking him to a government hospital for treatment.

Later, based on Sameer’s complaint, the Gurugram police registered an FIR against the pub’s bouncers and other staff members and began investigating the matter.

With inputs from Neeraj Kumar Vashastha

Date of publication:

10 October 2023

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