A month after the fire at Vivek Vihar Hospital, the nightmare continues for parents.

Suman Kumari froze in fear and collapsed, making loud noises as her husband Madhuraj Kumar rushed to the Baby Care Newborn Hospital in Vivek Vihar on May 26, the day TV channels reported that the facility had caught fire. News of the tragedy broke.

Their child was among 12 infants admitted there due to complications related to birth. While one of them died before the fire broke out on the night of May 25, seven people were burnt to death in the incident.

The child of a couple from Ghaziabad was among the four lucky children who survived the tragedy. Mr. Kumar said locals had told him on the way to the hospital that the children had been rescued and admitted to another medical center near the ill-fated center.

“By the time I got there, the list of survivors had been shortened and the hospital lobby was full of sobbing people,” he said, recalling that fateful day.

“Until the moment the person at the reception read my wife's name from his little notepad and informed the next of kin, I didn't know if my child was alive or dead,” he said. said

The child was then shifted to Swami Dayanand Hospital in Dilshad Garden and was treated there for over a week.

Health implications

The child is now taken to the hospital every week to check his hearing, vision and lung problems that were caused by the fire incident.

Mithilesh Kumar and his wife Richa said that after 15 years of their marriage, they had twins but their daughter died allegedly due to doctor's negligence.

The couple had admitted their surviving child to Vivek Vihar Hospital for treatment of breathing problems after borrowing huge sums of money from their relatives. “The baby had difficulty breathing. When we lost our daughter on the day of her birth, we were desperate to save her. So, despite the hospital's Rs 7,000 per day fee, we managed her. I got admitted,'' said the courier agent, who has now named her child Agnew (Fire Warrior).

Rakesh and Karishma's baby is still battling it out at Swami Dayanand Hospital. “Our baby was born two months ago due to which she was admitted to the ill-fated centre,” said Mr Rakesh.

Despite surviving the fire, the child is still days away from being discharged from Dilshad Garden Hospital. While the parents are still worried about their child, they want justice for those who lost their children in the fire.

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