A Rajya Sabha MP is among several Indians stranded in war-torn Israel

A Rajya Sabha MP is among several Indians stranded in war-torn Israel

Dr Kharlakhi is a senior member of the ruling National People’s Party (NPP) in Meghalaya.

New Delhi:

Rajya Sabha MP Dr Wanviroy Kharlokhi, his wife and daughter are among several Indians stranded in Israel as the country plunged into chaos following a surprise land-sea air strike by the Palestinian group Hamas on Saturday, sources said.

Dr. Kharlokhi, a senior member of the ruling National People’s Party (NPP) in Meghalaya, and 24 other residents of the northeastern state who had gone on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem have been stranded in Jerusalem due to rapidly escalating violence.

Meghalaya Chief Minister and NPP chief Conrad Sangma said he was in touch with the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) to ensure their return home. According to sources, they may be evacuated on Sunday by the Indian mission in Egypt.

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Indian embassies in Israel and Palestine have warned Indian citizens to be vigilant and contact them if necessary, as the all-out war between Hamas and Israel has killed more than 500 people so far.

More than 18,000 Indian nationals live in Israel, mostly caregivers, IT professionals and students. Additionally, there are approximately 85,000 Jews of Indian origin in Israel. The main waves of emigration from India to Israel occurred in the 1950s and 1960s, but in recent years there has been an increase in the emigration of Jewish people from Mizoram and Manipur.

“Given the current situation in Israel, all Indian nationals in Israel are requested to remain vigilant and follow safety protocols as advised by local authorities. Please exercise caution, avoid unnecessary movement, And stay close to safety shelters.” In his advice.

The advisory included relevant emergency phone numbers and links to Israeli Home Front Command preparedness brochures.

“Today was very difficult, we have never seen a situation (like this). Within 20 minutes, 5,000 rockets were fired, and they (Hamas militants) killed 22 people and wounded 500.” It’s a very difficult situation.” country,” said Soma Ravi, an Indian national who has been working in Israel for 18 years, as quoted by news agency PTI.

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Following the Hamas attacks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared a ‘state of war’ and began operations against the Palestinian group, particularly in the sensitive Gaza Strip.

Fearing war, Vikas Sharma, an Indian student at the Hebrew University in Tel Aviv, said, “There is a tense situation in Israel because of the attack, but all Indian students are safe. Most of the students are living in hostels and accommodation is provided. Done. Through the college. We are in touch with each other as well as with the Indian Embassy through WhatsApp.”

On Saturday night, India’s representative office in Ramallah published a public notice urging Indian nationals in Palestine to contact the office in case of emergency. Two contact numbers for 24/7 emergency helpline are provided in the notice.

In the bloodiest escalation of the conflict since the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Hamas launched a massive rocket barrage and ground, air and sea attacks, killing more than 300 Israelis and injuring 1,000, according to the Israeli military. Gaza authorities say at least 232 Palestinians have been killed and nearly 1,700 injured in Israeli airstrikes on the coastal enclave.

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