A Ukrainian drone triggered warehouse explosions in Russia as a war of attrition continues

Russian officials say a village on the western border has been evacuated after a series of explosions erupted after debris from a downed Ukrainian drone set a nearby warehouse on fire.

KYIV, Ukraine — A village in a western Russian border region was evacuated Sunday after a series of explosions erupted after debris from a downed Ukrainian drone set a nearby warehouse on fire, local officials said.

Social media footage shows billowing black smoke billowing over the Voronezh area, while loud explosions can be heard in succession.

Governor Alexander Gossev said the falling debris triggered an “explosive explosion”. He said no casualties were reported, but residents of a nearby village in Podgorinski district had been evacuated. Roads were also closed with emergency services, military and government officials working at the scene.

A Ukrainian security official told The Associated Press that the attack was carried out on an ammunition storage warehouse in the village of Serhyukka in the Oron region.

“The enemy had stockpiled surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missiles, tanks and artillery shells, and cartridge boxes for firearms,” ​​the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not identified. Information was not available. to the media. Occupants of the same warehouse supply ammunition to their troops in Ukraine.

Russia's Defense Ministry did not mention the attack in its morning briefing, but said air defense systems had destroyed a Ukrainian drone in the Belgorod region.

Authorities in Russia's Krasnodar province said on Saturday that the fire at the oil depot was also caused by falling drone debris. Russia's emergency services said the fire was put out on Sunday morning.

A Ukrainian military spokesman told The Associated Press on Thursday that Kiev's troops had withdrawn from a neighborhood on the outskirts of Chasivyar, a strategically important town in Ukraine's Donetsk region, following a month-long Russian offensive. As a result of the attack, a pile of rubble has been created.

Russian forces have tried for months to grind away gains in Ukraine's industrial east, apparently in an effort to lock their defenders into a war of attrition. In a joint investigation published Friday, independent Russian news outlets Meduza and MediaZona reported that Moscow's forces were losing between 200 and 250 soldiers a day in Ukraine.

Military analysts say the fall of Chasiv Yar could also compromise Ukraine's key supply routes and threaten nearby cities, furthering Russia's stated goal of capturing the entire Donetsk region. can be brought closer.

Russian attacks have also heavily targeted Ukraine's energy infrastructure. Officials in Kiev said on Saturday that the city had restored two-thirds of its power generation capacity after recent Russian missile strikes destroyed key power plants.

“Great work has been done,” said Petro Panteleev, deputy head of Kyiv city administration. “The city's energy facilities, which were mainly built during the Soviet era, are being modernized and become much more efficient.”

Ukraine's air force officials said Russia launched two ballistic missiles and 13 Shahid drones late Sunday. All were shot down, but officials did not elaborate on the impact of the missiles.

Eight people were killed in Russian attacks across Ukraine yesterday, according to local regional authorities.

Gov. Oleksandr Prokodin said four people were killed in the Kherson region, while Donetsk Governor Vadim Flashkin said two more were killed in the towns of New York and Ukrainsk. In Dnipropetrovsk, a 65-year-old woman was killed in a Russian attack in Nikopol district, while a 47-year-old man was killed in Kharkiv region, governors Serhiy Lysak and Oleh Snykhubov said in their respective statements.

Elsewhere in Ukraine, a bus collided with a cargo vehicle, killing 14 people, with one survivor, Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko said Saturday evening. A 6-year-old child is also included in the dead.


Associated Press writer Katie Marie Davis in Manchester, England, contributed to this report. Full coverage of the war in Ukraine: https://apnews.com/hub/russia-ukraine

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