A weight off his shoulders: A porter shares his load with Rahul Gandhi at Anand Vihar railway station. Delhi News

Wage hike to secure employment Porters at Delhi’s Anand Vihar railway station shared their woes and demands from the government with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi during his visit last week.

In a video of the visit shared by the Congress on Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi is seen interacting with ‘coolies’ and donning his signature red uniform to carry goods. Porters raised several issues with the Congress MP, including low wages, lack of health insurance, few customers, and no pension.

Rahul’s visit to Porters comes as part of the Congress’ campaign to portray him as a “Janayak” or “man of the people”. He was first. Seen riding with truck driversBike fixing with Mechanics in Karol Baghand a visit to Azadpur Mandi.

While interacting with Porters, Rahul flagged that the voice of the poor and farmers has been “suppressed”, as “two or three rich people control the media”. “Even if this station is sold in some time, Adani will run it. They are getting ready to privatize railway stations,” the Congress leader told Porters.

A porter in the video says, “Times may be modern, but we are still poor. Govt should increase our salaries. In 2008, porters were given jobs under Group D. We appeal to Govt. , if it can happen again.”

Another porter said, “In 2014, Rahul Gandhi came to New Delhi to meet the porters…otherwise no one would have bothered us. Earlier 10-12 years ago, the rate for porters was Rs 60, now it has been reduced to Rs 100.” Only this has changed, just Rs.40.

“As we grow up, we lose our sight, our limbs give way. We pass on our permits to our children… We want the government to give us at least Rs 4,000-5,000 as a pension when we retire. Give pension,” a porter flagged.

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Porters also said that many of them had graduated as engineers, with B.Ed or M.Sc degrees, but could not find a job. One of them said that the degree is of no use, I am working as a labourer.

Rahul, who listened to all their pleas, said, “The weather is a bit bad now… It will surely improve. Why is the weather bad? Because the poor in India don’t have a way. The youth of India can’t get jobs… “Can’t see the future. There is fear in their hearts that breeds hatred. To correct that, we must protect the poor, find a way out for them.”

Meanwhile, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) mocked Rahul for “carrying a wheelie bag”. “Has he ever carried his bag? If he had, he would have known the use of those wheels. The BJP national spokesperson said the party had been carrying his “baggage and burden” for years.
Shahzad Poonawalla said.

First published: 27-09-2023 at 13:20 IST

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