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Tagore revealed that the little boy was very fond of Saif Shashi Kapoor. “In a sequence Pop and Pinya That we were shooting Shashi were killing goons. Saif entered the frame to save his Shashi Uncle from these bad guys, as no one else was doing the necessary work.

Amidst a hearty laugh, Tagore recalled the fun he had shooting for. Pop and Pinya. “Shashi and I will be shooting while the two families explore the surrounding areas. Shashi’s wife Jennifer and sister-in-law Felicity will be there. Felicity will organize all kinds of fun adventures for the kids. Yes, shooting this film was a picnic.

There were difficulties though. “This was the first film in which I had to do some daring stunts. I played this brave, bold girl named Jagini. In one sequence I had to jump from a high place with a briefcase in my hand. I thought It would be easy. But it was quite tough. In another sequence, Raj asked me to fall down an iron bar. I refused. I felt that doing the stunt required a lot of preparation. .

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