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A statement by Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary on Adani, Ambani is at the center of a fresh controversy as the Congress leader had said in an interview that he would not speak against Adani, Ambani if ​​he sent money full of money to Tempo. The BJP said that Adhir exposed the real 'Haft Vasoli model' of the Congress and the India bloc.

Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary was asked in an interview about the 'tempo of money' flowing from Adani, Ambani to Congress, as alleged by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (PTI)

“He (Adhir) has openly said that if he gets bags of money, he stays silent on any issue in Parliament and if he doesn't get money, he creates a ruckus. He also gave an example. That the groups they are targeting are silenced if they give them money,” BJP national spokesperson Shahzad Poonawal said, targeting Adhir.

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“Now coming back to Rahul Gandhi's speeches, he has stopped naming the two people he used to mention so often… During the UPA regime, the Congress earned. 12 lakh crore by doing all this… Whatever they say inside or outside parliament is only for money…,” Shahzad said.

The Congress leader's statement came at a time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently took up these names (Adani, Ambani) and asked why Rahul Gandhi stopped using their names in the election campaign and whether the Congress has any money. The tempo has been reached. Responding to the claim, Rahul Gandhi asked Modi how he knew the money had come in a tempo and why he was not ordering its ED check.

What did Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary say?

In the interview, Adhir was asked where he kept the money which, according to PM Modi's allegations, reached Congress leaders in Tempo. “Where is the money? I am a BPL (below poverty line) person. I need money very much. I openly say that I am poor and I have no money to contest elections. Election without money. It's getting tough to fight. I don't even need a tempo these days, if Adani sends me a bag of money, that will be enough for me,” laughed Adhir.

“But you speak against them in Parliament?” the interviewer asked Adhir. “Yes, I do because they don't send us money. If they do, people get quiet,” Adhir said.

“So if you get money, you will keep quiet? Is that what you are saying?” asked the interviewer.

Adhir shook his head with a laugh and said, “Let them send first”.

“But there are ED and CBI,” said the interviewer.

“Who is afraid of ED? ED is stupid. It dances to PM Modi's tune and then gets released after court intervention. See, Kejriwal was also released,” Adhir said.

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