Afghan rights activist filmed as g@ng-r@ped in Taliban prison

The UK Guardian has obtained video evidence of a female Afghan human rights activist being g@ng-raped and tortured by gunmen in a Taliban prison.

Since the Taliban recaptured the country in 2021, there have been increasing reports of sexual violence against women and girls in Afghanistan.

According to the activist, the mobile phone footage was later sent to him as a threat that it would be widely shared if he continued to speak out against the Taliban regime.

In a video recording seen by the Guardian and Rukhsana Media, the young woman is filmed stripping off her clothes and then being raped several times by two men.

The woman in the video, which was recorded on a phone by an armed man, tries to cover her face with her hands. She hesitates as one of the men pushes her hard as he commands her.

At one point he is told, “You've been bullied by the Americans all these years and now it's our turn.”

The woman has said that she was arrested for participating in a public protest against the Taliban and was raped while in custody in a Taliban prison. He has since escaped from Afghanistan.

According to the human rights activist, he was sent the video after he spoke out against the Taliban in exile. He added that they told her that if she continued to criticize the government, the video would be sent to her family and released on social media.

He said that if you keep saying something bad against Emirate of Islamia, we will publish your video.

He believes the attack was deliberately recorded to silence and embarrass him. The person filming the attack captures her standing naked and her face is visible and she is recognizable during the attacks.

Last week the Guardian published accounts of teenage girls and young women who said they were sexually assaulted and beaten after being detained under Afghanistan's strict hijab laws.

In one case, a woman's body was allegedly found in a canal weeks after she was taken into custody by Taliban militants, a source close to her family said had been sexually assaulted before her death. was targeted.

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