‘All apps are safe under India’: Govt rejects Modi’s concerns on Aadhaar

New Delhi: Amid concerns raised by Moody’s Investor Services on Security of Aadhaarthe government has said that not only the biometric citizen identification system, but all applications under the “India Stack” remain highly secure against cyber-attacks even though the country sees several hack attempts every single day.
Abhishek Singh, CEO and MD of Digital India Corporation under the IT Ministry, said citizens’ trust in government-run services is strong as the systems are secure, safe and secure. “…security and privacy is unparalleled (and) the efforts the government makes to ensure that our data and our systems remain secure, is not overlooked, because there is no breach, Or there is no major breach. We have heard that Citibank is losing its data, or LinkedIn is losing data, or big companies are losing their data. But Aadhaar data has been completely safe and secure,” ’ Singh told The Times of India Right to Excellence-Tech Summit 2023.
The senior IT ministry official said that data is fully protected and protected, and most people are able to use IndiaStack. “When it comes to inclusion, and when it comes to empowering people, technologies help. There will be some criticisms and that’s okay.”
Singh said that the government is making a lot of efforts to ensure that the system remains secure. “We are safe until the next breach, because the number of attacks on our systems is probably the highest in the world because of the neighborhood we live in. So CERT-In (India’s apex cyber security agency) Kudos to the engineers at . and others who are at work 24×7 to ensure that our systems remain safe and secure.”
He said that security audits are conducted at regular intervals to check for vulnerabilities. “Because in any software system, there are going to be vulnerabilities. We always hear about zero-day vulnerabilities and all kinds of issues. So, tech teams are testing it all the time. Another important thing we do is That is, most of our systems follow a federated architecture – in the sense that we don’t centralize data.
Giving an example, he said that DigiLocker app currently has 20 crore users and six billion documents. But not all data is stored in one place. Therefore, the data is actually stored with the data fiduciary who owns the data. He said that under the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission, health records are not kept in a central data centre, but with the hospital’s data centers or with the service provider used by the hospital. “And whenever you need your health record, you’ll be able to access it on your phone or your device and share it with a private third party with your consent.”
This makes paper records more secure than documents kept in physical form, he said. “Anyone can photocopy or anything without an audit trail.”

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