All eyes are on Chandrayaan-3 as ISRO is trying to revive ‘Vikram and Pragyan’ today. Know the details

As the Sun is going to rise over the Moon for the next fifteen days, ISRO scientists are working day and night to revive Chandrayaan-3’s Vikram lander and Pragyan rover after a long 15-day sleep.

Scientists will attempt to ‘reboot’ the module on Thursday and Friday. This will help in increasing the possibilities of expansion in addition to the missions already completed successfully.

The ISRO team is hoping that the sun will rise at Shivshakti Point, where the lander and rover are parked. ISRO Chairman S Somnath said the instruments will be reactivated as soon as the sun rises.

Efforts to revive the equipment will be made on September 21 and 22 at the time of moonrise. “We can only hope to see the equipment back to life on September 22,” Somnath said.

ISRO officials said that before the instruments on Vikram and Pragyan were phased out starting on September 2, the batteries – powered by sunlight – were charged and the solar panels were oriented in such a way that May they receive light in the morning.

If the onboard instruments survive the low temperatures of the lunar night – around -200 degrees Celsius – it can come back to life and continue collecting more data from the lunar surface for the next 14 days.

In the best case, when the command is fed to the lander and rover to bring the system back to life, the rover will again start moving around the lunar surface and the instruments on the lander will also repeat the process. Collecting data.

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