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Tim Cook
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During Apple's annual shareholder meeting, CEO Tim Cook announced that the company intends to reveal more about its plans for Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) later this year. He further emphasized that the company will invest in this area, and unleash the transformative potential for users in terms of productivity and problem-solving capabilities.

Generative AI investment

Tim Cook highlights the company's commitment to exploring the potential of generative AI, by expressing confidence in its ability to unlock breakthrough opportunities for users. Despite lagging behind rivals like Google and Microsoft, the tech giant saw immense potential in the technology when it came to integrating GenAI into products.

behind the scenes

While a Bloomberg report states that artificial intelligence is already at work in Apple's products, the company aims to leverage AI to enhance the search capabilities of data stored on Apple devices.

AI and Apple devices

Cook further said that AI capabilities for Mac PCs will be powered by Apple Silicon, highlighting its superiority in AI processing. Macs are positioned as top-tier AI machines, emphasizing the important role of AI in Apple's hardware ecosystem.

Despite pressure from shareholders, Apple has reportedly rejected a proposal to disclose more details about its AI use. The proposal was put forward by the AFL-CIO Pension Trust which received significant support but ultimately did not pass.

ethical considerations

The AFL-CIO's resolution calls for transparency regarding a company's AI use and ethical guidelines, particularly regarding copyright issues and consent.

While Apple has opposed the measure, citing concerns about disclosing strategic information, the AFL-CIO has stressed the importance of ethical disclosures in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

A similar proposal has been presented at Walt Disney's annual meeting in April, which would reflect ongoing shareholder scrutiny of artificial intelligence-related practices at the companies. Across the AI ​​landscape, stakeholders continue to advocate for greater transparency and ethical considerations in company AI efforts.

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