Amazon seller rips PopFlex founder Cassie Ho's video, replaces her face in duplicate listings: Very 'Black Mirror'

Imagine you're featuring a video of your own home on an Amazon listing – and it's been altered so that your face looks like someone else's.

That's what happened to Cassie Ho, founder and CEO of workout-wear company Popflex and fitness brand Blogilets. Ho has 2.8 million followers on Instagram and 3.5 million followers on TikTok, and Taylor Swift was recently seen wearing Ho's patented Popflex pirouette skirt.

“I would say almost right there [have] “There have been hundreds of fake listings of my products on Amazon,” he told Fox News Digital.

On April 12, a follower messaged him flagging a similar fake listing on Amazon, and Ho's team immediately began investigating.

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A split image of Cassie Ho wearing a pirouette skirt and Cassie Ho's face in a TikTok video

Cassie Ho, founder of Blogilets and Popflex, says her video was used in an Amazon listing for a knock-off version of her skirt, but it was altered to make her face look different, possibly using AI. (Bloglets/TikTok/Fox News)

“Then I clicked on it, and I was swiping through photos of stolen models… and then I see a preview of my video, and I click on it. And the moment I saw my body Seen with a different face, it was really wrong in every way.

The Amazon listing, which has since been removed, offered a knock-off version of Ho's Pirouette Skirt at a cheaper price than the actual Popflex Skirt. However, the fake Amazon listing featured Ho's own photos and a video of his product. The photos and videos were possibly altered by artificial intelligence or AI.

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“Amazon strictly prohibits counterfeit and IP-infringing products in our stores,” an Amazon spokesperson told Fox News Digital. “We have proactive measures in place to prevent counterfeit or infringing products from being listed, and the moment a seller lists a product for sale, our advanced technology continuously scans for potential counterfeit, fraud and abuse, including This also includes future changes submitted to the product. If we identify a problem, we take immediate action to protect customers and brands, including removing listings and blocking accounts as appropriate. “

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A split image of Cassie Ho's video showing her pirouette skirt and the BeGoing version of the same video with an altered face

Cassie Ho, founder of Blogilets and Popflex, says her video was used in an Amazon listing for a knock-off version of her skirt, but it was altered to make her face look different, possibly using AI. (How are you/Blogillets/Fox News)

Ho speculates that the fake seller, BeGoing, did this to avoid detection on Amazon.

“Basically, they reverse-deepfaked me. So, they took out my face and put in a different face,” Ho said of the video featured on the Amazon knock-off listing. “And I believe that the people with these listings do this to make it harder for AI robots to detect copyright infringement… because, to a human eye, they are two different videos, but one robot To the eye, if the face is different, it's different. That's why they're doing these things.”

“They reverse-deepfaked me.”

– How are you

Ho said sellers are also “Photoshopping” models in their photos and slightly altering the way they look to avoid detection. Whenever she wants a counterfeit item removed from Amazon, she has to fill out a form and then wait for the tech giant's response, a process similar to the one done by a small team combating one or more fake listings per day. It happens.

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How is she wearing a workout onesie?

Cassie Ho is the Founder and CEO of Popflex and Blogilets. She is also the lead designer of Popflex. (How are you/Blogillets/Fox News)

“Every day, there [are] Something new. …we don't even go looking for it anymore because we all find hundreds [of dupes], And I'm not just talking about Amazon. It's all over the internet. it's everywhere. …At least Amazon is an American platform. There is a bit of a rule out there, though… it makes it more difficult for the victim of the crime of infringement to have it removed, than it is for these fraudsters to steal my photo and put it up, which puts all the work on the victim. “

“All the work is put on the victim.”

– How are you

Amazon said it provides affordable alternatives to high-end products but does not infringe on any particular brand's intellectual property, which is what happened in Ho's recent experience. The tech giant says its automated technology scans the billions of changes made to product detail pages per day for signs of potential abuse, such as keywords, text and logos that are identical or similar to registered trademarks or copyrighted material.

Amazon also has a “Brand Registry” service for brand owners to better manage and expand their brands with Amazon while protecting intellectual property rights, the company said.

How are you making your own design?

Much of Ho's content on social media focuses on how she brings her designs to life from start to finish. (How are you/Blogillets)

The process of tracking down counterfeit versions of her PopFlex products “takes a lot of mental and emotional energy.” Shein, a Chinese fast-fashion company valued at an estimated $100 billion, also recently listed a cheaper, knock-off version of the Pirouette skirt, according to Business Insider.

Adding to the chaos, Ho says thugs have “confused” the shopping process for customers who want his products. While most of their followers are helpful in pointing out and reporting fake listings, some people feel entitled to cheaper versions of their designs, openly admitting in the comments section that they can't afford their products and knocking out knockoffs. -Would love to buy off.

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The Pirouette Skirt sells for $60 on PopFlex's website, which is a competitive price compared to other popular workout brands. Lululemon sells a similar pleated workout skirt for $88. Athleta sells a more basic workout skirt for about $50.

“It's really a weird mentality that shows how disrespectful people are to artists and creators, because at the end of the day, if there are no artists and original creators, who is there to cheat? You don't even have that skirt. Whatever you feel you are entitled to buy,” Ho said.

Much of Ho's content on social media focuses on how she brings her designs to life from start to finish. She shows her followers how a pencil sketch can become a real-life product and takes user feedback seriously. For example, if Ho unveils a new Popflex product and gets feedback from followers that it needs pockets or a different waist, he will often create a new version of his product to meet his customers' wishes. Issuances.

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Ho believes Amazon needs to change some of its policies to make it easier for independent designers to deal with counterfeit products and harder for sellers to list counterfeit items. She said she has been trying to contact the tech giant's fake crime unit but to no avail.

“I feel really disappointed,” Ho said.

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