Amit Shah Exclusive, Arvind Kejriwal, 2024 Lok Sabha Elections: Contesting 22 Seats, Promising Free Power Across India: Amit Shah mocks AAP

NDTV Exclusive: Amit Shah mocks AAP's guarantees - 'They are fighting on 22 seats'

Union Home Minister Amit Shah spoke in an exclusive interview to NDTV.

New Delhi:

Criticizing the 10 guarantees announced by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal, Union Home Minister Amit Shah told NDTV that the party, which is contesting 22 seats, has promised to provide electricity across the country. Has promised to waive the bill.

“On how many seats are you contesting? 22. You need more than 270 to form the government. What are you guaranteeing? You are contesting on 22 seats and you are saying that you are in the entire country. Electricity bills will be waived.” Mr. Shah said in an exclusive interview. Soon after the AAP leader announced 10 'Kejriwal's guarantees' in a press meet.

The 10 guarantees announced by AAP include 24X7 electricity supply, good education and health facilities and creation of two crore jobs every year. The AAP has also promised to scrap the Agnew scheme and ensure that farmers get the minimum support price for crops as recommended by the Swaminathan Commission. “China has occupied our land and we will liberate it from their occupation,” Mr Kejriwal said yesterday, adding full statehood to Delhi as another guarantee.

Mr Shah said the AAP leader “tried this stunt” in the last election too, but won only one seat.

To a question on the opposition's allegations of misuse of central agencies by the ruling BJP, he said, “If Kejriwal is making such allegations, he has refused summons nine times, he is dragging it out. And then started crying that they were arrested during the elections.”

Mr. Shah also said that Mr. Kejriwal has not been granted bail, but only an interim relief. “He pleaded that his arrest was wrongful. The Supreme Court did not accept it. Then he applied for bail, the court also did not accept it. Then he sought permission to campaign. The Supreme Court said something. Set conditions and gave them leave until June 1. He has to return to Tihar (jail) on June 2. How is this a decision in his favor?

Asked whether the AAP-Congress alliance in Delhi would affect BJP's electoral prospects, the home minister said, “BJP got more than 50 per cent votes in every seat last time. So it It doesn't matter how many people are coming in the opposite direction.”

On the Delhi Chief Minister's claim that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would turn 75 next year, Mr. Shah said, “Don't take them so seriously, they don't want Modiji to be in politics. But I want to tell you. Modiji will remain PM till 2029 and even after that he will lead BJP's election campaign.

Responding to opposition allegations that the BJP plans to change the Constitution and remove caste-based reservations, he said, “Since (Congress leader) Rahul Gandhi came into public life, he has Lying out loud has made the basic ideology of Congress. Modi ji became a minister with full majority. could have stopped?”

“We have given our majority to remove Article 370, abolish triple talaq, introduce uniform civil code, build Ram temple (in Ayodhya), conduct surgical strike, land scientists freely and save Rs 130 crore. Used by the epidemic.”

“We used it to provide toilets, cooking gas, houses, drinking water, electricity supply, free ration and health to 5 lakh to 60 crore people. Rahul Gandhi wants to mislead the country. The people of the country know that it is a hoax or an illusion,” he said.

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