Amrit Pal Singh's strong reaction to his mother's statement that he is not pro-Khalistani Latest News India

Khadur Sahib MP Amrit Pal Singh has rejected his mother Balwinder Kaur's statement on her swearing-in day about the separatist ideology promoted by hardliners for a separate Sikh nation. I was given about their “Khalistan”. The jailed Sikh leader issued a written statement through his team on Saturday night.

Amrit Pal Singh. (HT file)

Responding to a question from reporters on July 5, his mother said, “Amrit Pal Singh is not pro-Khalistan. Raising voice for the rights of Punjab and working for the betterment of the youth does not make one pro-Khalistan. “He contested the election while living within the limits of the Indian constitution. He has taken the oath of the constitution in such a situation.”

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The video of the statement went viral on social media, drawing criticism from Sikh hardliners, who objected to it. On Saturday, his mother appealed to the Sikh community not to decode his statement in a wrong way.

Amrit Pal's statement also came out on Saturday night. “I was deeply hurt when I came to know about Mataji's statement today. Although I believe that Mataji spoke out of ignorance, such a statement was never made by my family or anyone supporting me. Must come'', it reads.

He said, “Dreaming of Khalsa Raj is not just a right but a matter of great pride. Countless Sikhs have laid down their lives for this dream, and we cannot imagine turning back from this sacred path. I have declared from many stages that if ever faced with a choice between the Panth and my family, I would always choose the Panth without any hesitation.

The historical example of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur's young companion stands as a testimony to this principle. When the mother tried to save her son by denying her Sikh identity, the boy bravely declared that if she claims that I am not a Sikh, she is not my mother. While this example may seem harsh for the situation, it deeply captures the essence of unwavering determination”, he said.

“I categorically warn my family that even thinking about compromising the concept of a Sikh state is not acceptable. There should be no such lapses in future while engaging with the Sangat.”

It is noteworthy here that the issue of Khalistan remained absent from the radical Sikh leader's election campaign and he was mainly portrayed as an anti-drug crusader and religious preacher.

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