AMU students sued for supporting Palestine; The minister called them ‘terrorists’

Students say they exercised their right to support Palestine, but a minister described AMU as a ‘terrorist hub’.


An FIR has been registered against AMU students for supporting Palestine.


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An FIR has been registered against AMU students for supporting Palestine.

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An act of solidarity for Palestine amid the recent clashes between Israel and Hamas has cost Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) students dearly. The local police have registered a case against more than four students for taking out the protest march.

On the night of October 8, hundreds of AMU students took out a protest march from their duct point to Bab Said Gate of the campus. Accessed videos. Quint They are shown holding posters and chanting slogans in support of the Palestinian cause and against Israel’s systematic oppression.

However, the police swung into action and registered an FIR, naming four students – Atif, Khalid, Naveed and Kamran – alleging that they raised “objectionable” slogans.

Meanwhile, UP Labor Minister Dr Raghuraj Singh has openly called AMU a “terrorist hub”.

‘We stand against oppression’: AMU students

In FIR of access to Quint, Several provisions of the IPC have been imposed such as:

  • 153A (Promoting enmity between different groups based on religion, race, place of birth, residence, language etc.)

  • Section 188 (criminalizes willful disobedience of an order issued by a public servant). Last but not the least, Sect 505 Which includes statements that create or promote hostility.

We did not say anything in the march that was provocative, we never used any objectionable words. We have historically talked about India’s support for Palestine and even said ‘Hindustan Zindabad’, it is being misinterpreted.

Khalid, AMU student

“Free…Free..Palestine!” They were shouting slogans. And “Allahu AkbarThe students staged a peaceful protest inside the campus. Speaking to the media, Khalid said in the protest:

“Palestine has been oppressed for 70 years, our sisters, brothers and elders there… we see it on a daily basis the suffering they are going through and it is not over yet, so Our protest is against this cruelty. And those who have lost their lives, we pray that they go to heaven.”

He appealed to the country’s leaders to “show solidarity” with Palestine because “Palestine is oppressed and Israel is oppressor.”

“Sadly, people are not paying attention. When there is resistance or action against Israel, people notice, but when there is aggression and violence against Palestinians, people do not pay attention. It shows people’s bias and double standards,” he added.

Another student, Naveed, echoed Khalid’s views, saying that the decades of violence against Palestinians must stop.

AMU is such an organization that people have come together to raise their voices against oppression, regardless of which corner of the country it is taking place in.

Naveed, AMU student

Meanwhile, Aligarh SSP (city) Mrigank Shekhar Pathak said, “We have come to know that the protest was taken out with our permission and the march was on an international dispute, with objectionable and inflammatory slogans. were planted, so a protest was held accordingly. An FIR has been registered.”

According to the students, no such permission is required if the protest is held in the college premises.


‘All Muslims are terrorists’: UP Minister of State

“AMU has become”Ada‘For terrorists (hub), and terrorism is a problem for every country… be it America or Japan… and every terrorist is a Muslim,’ claimed Dr Raghuraj Singh, Adityanath’s leadership. I Minister of State for Labor and Employment. Government

In the access video by Quinthe said that since PM Modi has shown his support for Israel, it is wrong to support Palestine and reiterated that “AMU should be closed immediately.”

Singh said he has been fighting against the university for 40 years, a university that is running “on the basis of Hindu money”. He also alleged that AMU produced militants like Burhan Wani.

“They support Palestine, so they are terrorists too. They should be locked up and NSA should be requested against them. Student leaders should be hanged for saying anything against India. These terrorists The center is the nursery,” said the minister. .

Meanwhile, Ashok Kumar Pandey, National Spokesperson, Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha added to Singh’s statements.

“Our organization has always considered AMU as a terrorist school, today they have confirmed that they support terrorism,” he said.

While speaking out against Israel, he supported Hamas, a terrorist organization that is chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and shooting people, raping women and killing children. Today it has been established that those who believe in Islam and are part of AMU are in some way terrorists or they support terrorism.

Ashok Kumar Pandey, National Spokesperson, Akhil Bharati Hindu Mahasabha

Pandey said these students should be investigated under “charges of being anti-national”.

It should be noted that there is a lot of misinformation being spread along with unconfirmed reports of an armed coup by Hamas.

Named in the FIR, Atif said there is more to it. He told Quint That for the last 12 days the students specifically named in the FIR along with a few others have been sitting on a peaceful protest demanding elections to the students’ union. It was then that one of them decided to march in support of Palestine.

Khalid pointed out, “Any police case can only be done by the university proctor, they will check if anyone is guilty or not. We asked the proctor to check their statements. There were so many students, F.I. Why was only our name taken in R?” “

Khalid and Atif have said that they will fight the case legally as they have not committed any crime.

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