An astronaut takes a virtual tour of the International Space Station: Watch here Technology and Science News

ESA astronauts have shared a rare video of the International Space Station on Twitter. Take a look here.

but what happens International Space Station The general public hardly knows. However, recently the European Space Agency (ESA, Astronaut Andreas Mogensen shares a rare glimpse inside The International space Station In his latest video. ISS There is cooperation with five space agencies – NASA, JAXA, Roscosmos, CSA, and ESA – are working together to manage this largest space station. Orbiting in low Earth orbit, the ISS is the largest space station ever built.

After spending six and a half months on the ISS as part of NASA's Crew-7 mission, Andreas Mogensen captured a video tour of the space station. In a post on X (formerly Twitter), the ESA astronaut said, “It has now been a month since I left the International Space Station. The last thing I did on Undock Day was film a tour of the space station. It's as much a keepsake for me as it is a way for me to share the wonder of the International Space Station with you. Whenever I remember my time on the ISS, especially my crewmates, I will definitely have this video to watch.”

Virtual Tour of ISS

Mogensen's virtual tour takes us on a journey through the various modules and components of the ISS. From the front, where the SpaceX Dragon craft that returned him to Earth is docked, to the 114-by-22-foot Columbus module, a science laboratory provided by ESA in 2008.

The tour also highlights the Japanese Experiment Module (GEM), known as Kibo, which was constructed shortly after Columbus. As Mogensen navigates through the station, viewers get a look at workplaces, storage units, toilets, exercise equipment, and even the kitchen – all essential components that support life in space.

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