An audio clip of the Maharashtra BJP chief taking journalists to dhabas has created controversy.

“Make a list of troublesome journalists, including electronic media or print journalists, and invite them for a cup of tea at dhabas so that they don’t write anything against us before Maha Vijay 2024. You know my What a point. By inviting them for a cup of tea,” he added.

If there are any shortcomings, local BJP MP Sujay Vekhe Patil is there to take care of them, he added.

“Take them to the dhabas. Treat them well and make sure there is no negative news against us. There should be positive news about us. Protect your booths first,” Baunkule said.

Reacting strongly, Maharashtra opposition leader Vijay Vidyatiwar said, “Not all journalists are sold out. Do you think journalists accept scraps? I can understand the anxiety of your leaders, high and Both local, because they could not suppress the voice of dissent. But you started making offers directly to journalists. That means you will try to present some “pieces” to the voters before the elections.” Vidyatiwar also said that people will “definitely tear the BJP apart”.

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