Anupam Mittal on being unemployed in America: 'Sent 800 resumes in 3 years…'

Shark Tank India judge Anupam Mittal said that before becoming the millionaire founder-CEO of People Group and, he grew up in a cramped 1000 sq ft flat in Mumbai. In a podcast, he said that his father worked in the textile business but there was a time when the family had to struggle to make ends meet.

Shark Tank Anupam Mittal: Anupam Mittal is visible.
Shark Tank Anupam Mittal: Anupam Mittal is visible.

“We didn't realize it as kids, but there were 20 of us living in a 1,000-square-foot house at that time. People were sleeping on the dining table, under the dining table. But being a child you don't think about it. You love having so many kids around you,” Anupam Mittal said on the Barbershop Podcast.

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But then his father's business prospered and Anupam Mittal went to America to study at Boston College where he had “terrible experiences” while trying to find a job in the IT sector.

“I sent 800 resumes. Now the situation was such that I had no money, and if I asked them for money they would say, 'Where is your salary?' I had no money. This was the first time I experienced hunger,” he said.

The Shark Tank India judge said that at times he had to go without food for two to three days. “It's something everyone should do live once, because the experience of hunger teaches you a lot,” he said. There was a time when I did not eat food for two-three days because I could not eat. How long could friends help? They might have helped, but after some time you also feel bad… credit cards are maxed out, everything is gone. It wasn't that I was on the streets, but I felt a lack of resources to some extent.

He then got a job at MicroStrategy where he was offered stock options. He explains, “I joined as a sales consultant, but very quickly I rose through the ranks to become director of strategic partnerships, so I had a lot of stock options and I became a multi-millionaire in my early twenties.” It was crazy, I was like 'I never imagined this. I ordered a sports car, we partied in stadiums, we had corporate parties on cruise ships. It was next level.'

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