Apple is reportedly finalizing talks with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into iOS 18

According to a source familiar with the matter, Apple is in the final stages of talks on a deal with OpenAI. The Cupertino-based company wants to use ChatGPT to power some of its AI-related features in the upcoming iOS 18.

Still, the source says the two companies are in no rush to officially announce the deal just yet. Earlier reports claimed that Apple is also in talks with Google to use its AI-powered Gemini chatbot. Therefore, the smartphone maker might still be exploring other options.

Interestingly, recent rumors suggest that Apple will attempt to host most AI features on its own devices, allowing on-device silicon to do most of the heavy lifting while Apple's data centers take care of the rest. This will give Apple a competitive edge in terms of speed and privacy.

However, this may not be possible if Apple signs a deal with OpenAI.


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