Archaeologists find ‘never seen before’ wooden structures 500,000 years old world News

A group of archaeologists have found wooden structures dating back 500,000 years in Zambia. In an article published in the journal Nature on Wednesday, archaeologists noted that these structures and tools were found at Kalambo Falls in Zambia and date back 476,000 years.

The scientists wrote in the article that there were “no known parallels” to the findings.

The scientists wrote in the article that there were “no known parallels” to the findings. He said the discovery of these findings changes the understanding of what early humans were capable of doing.

In an interview with the BBC on Wednesday, lead researcher and Professor Larry Barham of the University of Liverpool said, “They used their intelligence, imagination and skill to create something that they had never seen before, something that had never been seen before.” Didn’t exist.” ,

Early people may have built these constructions to raise themselves above wet ground. They demonstrate the use of wooden tools such as digging sticks by early humans and the construction of platforms and structures from the trunks of giant trees.

In the article, the scientists said they experimented with luminescence dating– A technique that involves measuring the amount of radioactivity absorbed by rocks over millennia – in order to determine the age of their findings.

The wet conditions at Kalambo Falls contributed to this rare discovery because usually, wooden materials are destroyed unless they are preserved in unusual conditions such as waterlogged areas.

According to study co-author and Professor Geoff Duller of Aberystwyth University, these structures predate even the oldest Homo sapien fossils.

This has created confusion among researchers as to which ancient human species it was that made these findings.

It was in 2019 when these wooden structures were first discovered.

Such archaeological discoveries give us information about the early world of ancient humans and their abilities, where they introduced the idea of ​​such structures and tools to make life easier in historical times.

Last year was celebratory in terms of archaeological discoveries, with the discovery of a lost city in Iraq as well as the discovery of the earliest known human dissection.

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