Are Northern Lights visible in India? The Aurora Borealis may shine in this state tonight.

The aurora borealis is usually seen in high latitudes around the Arctic and Antarctic. This is caused by disturbances in the magnetosphere, mostly caused by the solar wind.

However, it was first seen in Indian skies. The Indian Astronomical Observatory first captured the Aurora Borealis on camera at Henle in Ladakh atop Mount Saraswati.

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Also known as the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis was visible from Ladakh at 34-36°N, an incredibly rare sight at such a low latitude.

According to reports, an auroral red arc appeared in Henle region of Ladakh around 1 am on May 11, a phenomenon expected to continue over Ladakh through the weekend as additional coronal mass injections enter the Earth's outer atmosphere. are

According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Space Weather Prediction Center, the occurrence of a severe (G4) geomagnetic storm, classified as G4 on the NOAA scale, occurred in Ladakh even though it was moderate. Located at latitude

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This aurora was earlier seen in Ladakh on the night of April 22-23, 2023, which experts said was the result of a coronal mass ejection on April 21.

Apart from Ladakh, aurora borealis was visible in different parts of Europe and China. The arcs formed were not like traditional auroras that display a variety of colors in dynamic patterns, but had a fixed color and it was reddish.

Explaining the incident, Dr Ravi AV Kumar, scientific officer at the Institute for Plasma Research Centre, said, as quoted by the news agency. ANI“Solar flares are so common, they happen all the time… They happen when the Sun reaches the peak of its activity in an 11-year cycle… Every 11 years, the Sun's activity goes from peak to peak. is low and activity is set to peak in 2025… At this time, solar flares are more likely to come out… These are highly charged particles of plasma that can travel at high speeds… At high speeds these particles are just as dangerous… because they are charged particles from the Sun they can be deflected by the Earth's magnetic field…”

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“Some of these stray particles can come to the Earth's polar regions, which then interact with gas molecules in the upper atmosphere and produce a color called an aurora… when there's a very strong solar flare. It's like yesterday.Aurora is created with Earth's atmosphere and magnetic field..People are lucky enough to see it even as far north as Italy…Hanle Ladakh. Can…” he added.

“Fires come and go, they don't affect us directly but can affect our day-to-day activities like communication because satellites can be disrupted…satellite TV signals and radio communications,” Kumar said. There may also be disruptions…” Kumar said. .

Where else was the aurora seen:

Russia, Australia, Germany and Tasmania also witnessed this rare event. In Russia, the aurora borealis was seen lighting up the night sky, while the northern regions of Germany saw the aurora borealis. Similarly, in Tasmania, the southern region of Australia, people were seen taking stunning pictures of the Aurora Australis.

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