As the search for the boy continues in the drains, the desperate father vows not to rest

As the search for the boy continues in the drains, the desperate father vows not to rest

Floods in Assam have killed six people in the last 24 hours.


It has been three days since his son fell into a drain in flood-hit Guwahati, but Hiralal Sarkar has not given up. His relentless search for eight-year-old Abhinash continues while Assam's largest city is under water.

Hiralal has been using an iron rod to search the gutters, but his son's slippers are all he can find. Showing the pair, he lamented, “I have been searching with an iron rod and managed to find my son's sandal. I may not be able to find it with a rod. The government has machinery. , let them find my boy.”

He has handed over the slippers to the police for verification.

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Abhinash slipped from his father's scooter and fell into the drain while returning home during heavy rain on Thursday evening. Hiralal had said that he saw his son's hand in the drain and dived into it, but could not catch it.

The man spent the night on the porch of a shop and vowed not to rest until he found her. Ever since, wearing a t-shirt and half pants, he has been wading through mud and garbage to find his son.

State authorities have launched a massive multi-agency search operation to help Hiralal find his son. Sniffer dogs, super soakers and excavators have also been deployed.

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An official said that parts of the drain covered with concrete slabs in the downstream areas are being lifted in an attempt to trace the missing boy. Hiralal and his wife have also met Chief Minister Himanta Sarma, who has ordered rescue teams to intensify their search operations.

Floods in Assam have killed 6 people in the last 24 hours while more than 23 lakh people are on the brink.

In Guwahati, Anil Nagar, Nabin Nagar and Rukmanigaon continue to see water for the fourth day while the Brahmaputra is flowing above the danger level at many places.

So far 58 people have lost their lives due to floods in Assam this year.

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