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“One’s future is not written in the stars, but we can use the stars to write our future” – said Caroline Faulkner in her famous book The SIGNS. During exhausting and risky times like Covid, InstaAstro, an astrology startup, took it upon itself to help people along these lines.

InstaAstro started as a project during the pandemic and the tables have turned since then. This online astrology startup took charge with the hope of touching millions of lives. This hope has now become a big reality.

“We are proud to have over 1,500 astrologers serving over 5 million satisfied customers through our online astrology platform. And this is just the beginning!”, says Nitin Verma, founder of InstaAstro.

Did you know that this founder’s entrepreneurial journey is the result of an astrological prediction? Earlier, Nitin did not believe in astrology, but when an astrologer crossed his path during the lowest point of his career and predicted that he had a bright future as an entrepreneur, he saw his entire life change incredibly. Astrology gave him hope in moments of self-doubt.

Quality over quantity – Striving to be different but relevant

What sets InstaAstro apart from the well-established astrology market is the inclusion of quality astrologers through rigorous interview rounds.

Nitin Verma says, “By focusing on ‘quality over quantity’, we ensure high quality consultation to people and adequate earnings for astrologers.

InstaAstro is solving people’s problems first by gaining trust through the guidance of real astrologers. In parallel, the earnings of astrologers have increased significantly, with some earning more than 5 lakhs. Quite a number of astrologers now earn millions as customers are happy to connect with them again and again. This milestone represents a significant 10-fold increase in astrologer’s income and also shows that they are on the right track to solving problems.

Whether customers prefer a quick call with an astrologer or a chat with an expert, InstaAstro has options to suit different needs and budgets. Additionally, InstaAstro has a policy of keeping customer details confidential and secure to ensure that they feel comfortable sharing personal issues.

“We ensure the presence of the best astrologers on our platform to best serve the needs of customers. This was, is and will remain the most important area. And the top talent is the main reason customers come back to us. Talk to astrologers.”, adds Nitin.

Additionally, InstaAstro ensures that only users with genuine issues visit the platform. With a model that offers the first consultation at 1/-, they ensure that the time invested in solving a life problem is sufficient for both the customer as well as the astrologer. It also works to exchange good energy levels as they try to build trust and passion. To add to this, they avoid communication barriers between the client and the astrologer through queuing scheduling and timely notifications. As they say, “time is money”. We guess InstaAstro knows it well!

InstaAstro founder Nitin Verma happily says, “At InstaAstro, we believe that astrologers are our first-rate advisors who can help people find clarity and find peace”. “We are just a drop in the ocean, but we want to add some value to the happiness index of the country,” he added.

“The tremendous growth we’ve seen so far shows that our mission resonates with many who are looking for guidance and insight into their lives.” said the founder and CEO of InstaAstro. “There’s no greater reward than helping people when they need it most. That’s our goal every day.”

Plan ahead

With a commitment to providing high-quality, affordable consultations from certified astrologers, InstaAstro is poised to continue its rapid growth in the coming time. The company aims to provide 1 billion seconds of daily consultation within the next two years.

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