Attend these 8 incredible events happening in Delhi NCR in July 2024 to never suffer from FOMO again!

Hey there, city explorers! As the weather starts to cool down a bit and July becomes a little more bearable, isn't it time to finally get out there and enjoy every moment? We try to get you – after all, we're in tune with your vibe! That's why we have compiled a list of 8 unforgettable events in Delhi NCR this July 2024. So, if FOMO isn't your thing, keep scrolling, take notes, and mark your calendars for events that speak to your soul!

1. A Night of Laughter with Guru Gupta

Get ready for a night of uproarious laughter with Guru Gupta, one of the most popular Baniyas of our time at Srifort Auditorium! With his hilarious sense of humor, get ready for non-stop entertainment and laugh your way through the day. The stories of himself as a husband, a parent, a Delhiite, and most of all a Banya are entertaining and laugh out loud enough to leave you in tears. Register now and mark your calendars for the perfect remedy to relieve stressful work shifts.

Where | Srifort Auditorium
when | July 6, 2024
Times | After 7:30 p.m
Price | 1099 after Rs
Book your tickets online here

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2. Piyush Mishra live in concert

Want to celebrate World Feast Day with Biryani? Bring your gang for an evening of fusion and retro Hindi music featuring Piyush Mishra's soul-stirring tunes. We plan to go there, so be prepared to immerse yourself in this musical symphony.

Where | KD Jadhav Indoor Hall, Delhi
when | July 7, 2024
Times | After 7:30 PM (03 Hours)
Price | 399 after Rs
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3. Beyond Faces: An Art Exhibition

Explore “Beyond the Faces” at Gallery Navya in Trivenikala Sangam featuring works by Pritosh Sen, Amitabha Banerjee, Alfonso Doss, Sanatkar, and Manu Madhavi Parekh. Don't miss this exhibition which runs till August 5. After exploring, see yourself with some people. Amazing local food and charming vibes at Tiruvini Cafe are calling all art lovers of Delhi – for a day full of artistic inspiration!

Where | Tiruvini Kala Sangam, Nivea Gallery
when | By August 5, 2024
Times | After 11:00 AM
Price | free
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4. Vir Das

Vir Das is back home with his Mind Fool India Tour! Yes, we can't believe it either! *scream* After conquering the global stages and winning hearts across the globe, Veer Dass is back to make us desi folk laugh. Prepare for a day of laughter therapy to melt away all the stress until you fall out of your chair and your stomach hurts. This event promises to be the perfect treat for your overworked self.

Where | Sri Fort Auditorium, Delhi
when | 13 July to 14 July 2024
Times | 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM and 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Price | 499 onwards
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5. Bollywood Bash with Ankit Kholia and DJ Shewal

This is for all Bollywood fans! Fasten your laces, and get your outfit checked because the Bollywood bash in Accra featuring Ankit Kholia and DJ Shewal is coming to town. Get ready for a night full of Bollywood beats and non-stop dancing from all generations as we have the answer to your 'Where's the party today'! IYKYK! This is the ultimate Bollywood experience you don't want to miss. Grab your friends and groove to an unforgettable evening!

Where | Acra, Lajpat Nagar, Delhi
when | 5th July to 6th July 2024
Times | After 9 p.m
Price | 590 onwards
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6. House – An open mic for words by Tap A Tell

An open mic where you can come and present your stories and pieces, now that's amazing! It will be like a little warm house for your words, a place for our community to bond, give and receive feedback, and just be an overall beautiful time. Overall a heart-warming experience, we recommend it if you're homesick or want to feel at home in this sprawling city.

Where | TOT Studio, Delhi
when | July 14, 2024
Times | After 4 p.m
Price | 200 rupees only
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7. Tinder Mixer

Hey there! Ready to spice up your social scene? Picture this: You, a group of awesome people, together on Tinder Mixer — the ultimate combination of new connections and unforgettable adventures. Break the ice like a pro in person because, let's be real, this is where the magic happens and with upbeat music and cocktail and mocktail workshops, you're bound to have a great time! Now, don't be shy and get ready to carve up some new stories.

Where |Still to be announced.
when | July 6, 2024
Times | After 5:30 p.m
Price | 1500 only Rs
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8. This who laughs the world fit. Pedestrian Live

After stealing hearts in their last tour and Jashan-e-Rekhta by popular demand, Raheer is back with their latest special which is a mix of released and unreleased tracks. Get ready to be blown away by his soul-stirring lyrics and raw, country voice that defines his unique style. Don't miss this musical journey!

Where | Awan-i Ghalib Auditorium, Delhi
when | July 14, 2024
Times | After 7 p.m
Price | 499 after Rs
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So, dress your best and head to these events with your best peeps and make your July AF.

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