'Bachelorette' star Katie Thurston reveals she was r@ped

Katie Thurston has shared a deeply personal and painful experience, revealing to her fans that she was r@ped and that the justice system failed her.

The season 17 “Bachelorette” star made the announcement in an Instagram post where she shared parts of her story along with resources for others who have experienced sexual assault and rape.

Thurston revealed that he is not ready to share specific details, but he did call 911 to report the incident. An officer then took her to undergo a forensic sexual assault exam.

She described feeling like a “weak baby” during the process and credited the nurse and lawyer who supported her during the ordeal.

Thurston said it took four months to process the forensic kit. During this time, he consulted a therapist and taught himself how to communicate with detectives as they investigated his case.


Despite providing investigators with everything she could. Texts, phone call records, DNA, videos, and her own body, Thurston indicated, hindered her pursuit of justice, though she did not say how.

He emphasized that this is not just his loss but another example of failure in a broken system, saying, “Change comes from failure and the justice system fails me. And every single day. Thousands continue to fail.

Katie ended her post with an encouraging message for her followers, reminding them that they are valuable, strong and that she believes in them.

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Katie ended her season of “The Bachelorette” with Blake Moines, though they broke up in 2021. She also later dated John Hershey before splitting from her season, 2022.

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