Baggage tracking service at Delhi airport, how it works and all you need to know

What’s more convenient than finding equipment information on your smartphone? Okay fine,

Delhi Airport

It has a service that notifies customers via SMS when and on which baggage belt the check-in baggage will arrive.

The service is called

Bag tracks

And it is basically a smart tag that users can attach to their luggage like a name tag and then use it to track their checked-in luggage and receive necessary notifications via SMS.

In this article, we will tell you all about Bagg Trax, how it works and how to get started with it.

What is Bag Tracks?

Bagg Trax, as mentioned, is a smart tag that can be attached to checked baggage and when activated, it will provide users with belt details, baggage arrival time and some other information. Notifies about the details through SMS.

Now, it’s not as intuitive as the Apple AirTag or other tracking devices, but it will get the job done by letting people know basic information like arrival details and belt details.

The only problem here is that currently this service is only available at Delhi airport for domestic flights only. Also, it works when you arrive at Delhi airport.

How to get started with Bagg Trax

Getting started with Bagg Trax is very easy. You just need to buy Bagg Trax from the airport itself. It is readily available at many airport stores. Once you have the tag, simply activate it and then pair it with the equipment.

Follow these steps to activate it:

Scan the unique QR code on the bag tag or click here to visit

Enter the mobile number and OTP received and other necessary information asked on the setup page.

Type your name, email and give your bag tag a nickname.

Your tag is now activated, with an SMS sent to your number.

that’s it. Your tag is now activated and you can attach it to your luggage to get the necessary information on arrival at Delhi airport.

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