Bangladesh MP 'honeytrap' before murder, woman in custody

A woman who may have been addicted to “honeytraps.” Anwar-ul-Azeem Anwar, Member of Parliament of Bangladesh He was detained in Dhaka before being killed in Kolkata. Bangladeshi police sources told India Today that the woman, identified as Shalanti Rehman, is a Bangladeshi national and the girlfriend of prime accused Akhtar-Uzman Shaheen.

American citizen Akhtar-ul-Zaman Friend of Awami League Member of Assembly. The MP was allegedly murdered in Akhtar-ul-Zaman's rented house in Kolkata's New Town area.

Shalanti was in Kolkata at the time of Anwarul's murder, and returned to Dhaka on 15 May with the main suspected killer, Amanullah Aman.

Akhtar Zaman used Shalanti as a honey trap to bring Anwarul to Kolkata from Bangladesh, police sources said.

While the police are yet to officially announce the motive for the crime, sources said Akhtar-ul-Zaman killed the Bangladesh MP over a dispute over some payments. Akhtar-uz-Zaman paid around 5 crore rupees to the people involved in the crime.

Shalanti Rehman is a Bangladeshi national and is the girlfriend of the main accused.

The West Bengal Crime Investigation Department (CID) has made a significant breakthrough in this case. A suspect was arrested from Mumbai.

The suspect, Jihad Havaldar, has confessed to killing the Bangladeshi MP along with four others in a Newtown flat.

During the investigation, the Havaldar claimed that the killing was done at the behest of Akhtar-ul-Zaman.

CID sources said that after killing the MP, they cut the skin and flesh of the entire body to eliminate the identity of Anwarol.

The bones were then cut into pieces and put into several plastic packets. The killers then disposed of these packets in different parts of Kolkata.

Havaldar, a professional butcher, is a resident of Barakpur in Khulna district of Bangladesh and was living illegally in Mumbai for some time. CID sources claimed that he had reached Kolkata about two months ago.

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May 24, 2024

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