Bengal Governor CV Anand Bose criticized the Speaker for swearing in new MLAs.

'Constitution violated': Bengal Governor taunts Speaker over swearing-in of new MLAs

Sayantaka Banerjee (R) and Riyat Hussain Sarkar (L) with Speaker Biman Banerjee.


Bengal Governor CV Anand Bose has attacked the ruling Trinamool Congress after two of its leaders – Sayantaka Banerjee and Riyat Hussain Sarkar – were sworn in as MLAs on Friday.

Ms Banerjee and Mr Sarkar won the by-elections from Barangar and Bhagwangola constituencies, the results of which were announced on June 5. However, his swearing-in has been pending ever since and became the focus of a bitter and prolonged standoff between the Trinamool and the party. Office of the Governor.

He was finally sworn in this evening by Speaker Biman Banerjee. Trinamool legislators raised slogans after the ceremony ended.Jai BanglaChanting in the House.

However, Mr Bose then declared that the Speaker had “violated the constitutional prescription” by taking the oath despite the Governor's office appointing his deputy Ashish Banerjee.

However, Mr. Banerjee refused to do so, pointing out that the Speaker had priority.

Mr Bose has said that a report will be sent to President Draupadi Murmu on the “constitutional impropriety of the Speaker in administering the oath to two newly elected MLAs”.

“This constitutional violation has been committed when the Governor has appointed the Deputy Speaker as the person before whom the two newly elected MLAs will take oath.”

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Mr. Bose cited a provision in the Constitution that says “an MLA, before assuming his seat. The Governor, or his nominee Before any person made, shall swear or subscribe. Affirmation in accordance with the form prescribed for the purpose”.

He also rejected the Speaker's reference to other rules. “Can any rule be above the Constitution?”

Last week, Ms Banerjee and Mr Sarkar staged a sit-in outside the Assembly building after the governor refused to take the oath or hand over responsibility.

But earlier today he issued a communique authorizing the Deputy Speaker to do so.

However, by then the Speaker had called a special session of the Assembly, declaring that the House could not and would not depend on the governor's assent to function fully. The Speaker, Mr Banerjee, had earlier sought help from the President and accused the Governor of egotistical behaviour.

The impasse arose after the governor invited the two MLAs to take oath at his residence.

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The Speaker and the Trinamool insisted that Mr. Bose should come to the Assembly.

“We respect him… and the constitution… but he is not respecting us. He should come to the assembly and take the oath… or give this authority to the speaker. We are sitting here with the house.” Constitution… We are elected unlike a nominated post like you…,” said Mr. Banerjee.

Meanwhile, the swearing-in ceremony was also criticized by the opposition BJP, which claimed that it was not informed about the special session. “I had no information… no notice. In every state, the LOP is given a courtesy call but there was no discussion here…” said Svendhu Adhikari.

Mr. Adhikari, a former aide to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee who jumped ship to the BJP weeks before the assembly elections, is the opposition leader.

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