BGMI Tips: How to survive in the final gaming zone, the dangerous Final Circle

Battlegrounds Mobile India features a series of maps and play areas where gamers can practice and improve their skills. You may be good at aiming and making strategies, however, many players fail to survive the last round of the game due to not having enough knowledge. During the final area, a player has to take various things into account in order to survive – in short, not get killed. If you also want to be smart and win chicken dinner easily, then check out the tips given below to stay in the gaming zone.

Tips to survive in the last gaming circle

Analyze in advance whether you will be able to survive in the final zone or not and maintain your supplies accordingly. For the last few minutes of the game you will need a lot of health kits, pain relievers and energy drinks so that your health does not suffer if you run out of territory.

Find a safe place and shelter to hide. Different players set up camps during the final round so that they do not leak their location. Make sure you don’t make any noise or movement, hide in the grass or hide in a place where you can’t be seen.

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Try to find the enemies from your location and kill them only when your objective is clear. If you miss, your location will be known and you will be the first to be killed.

Also, keep changing your location so that you don’t get scammed first. If you are wearing a “gilly suit” make sure you are properly hidden in the grass. This will reduce the chances of being killed by snipers.

Make sure you identify the enemy first to make a strategy to kill him and easily win the chicken dinner. Always hide at high places to identify enemies and kill them quickly.

Integrate these strategies into your next game and see how much easier it will be to quickly identify and kill enemies. Nothing can stop you from being a “winner, winner, chicken dinner.” Also, get free gifts by redeeming BGMI redeem code. All you need to do is enter your BGMI Character ID on the official BGMI website and paste the redemption code and claim the in-game reward.

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