Billions for tests, vaccines will surely be wasted: Fed moving COVID-19

COVID is now just another background illness, yet Team Biden is acting — and spending — as if it’s still the beginning of 2021.

Latest: $600 million on free at-home COVID tests.

Huh? This bug is much less dangerous now: If you’re sick, whether it’s COVID or the regular flu, just stay home. (In the rare cases where it gets really bad or if you’re immune-challenged, definitely respond appropriately.)

There is no point in mass testing, leave alone free home delivery: tests are now sufficient and cheap.

Congress refuses new funding for this waste, leaving everyone with a lot to say do Ron Klain, President Joe Biden’s former chief of staff, complained that the president would have to “take over other important health needs.”

That is, who is not only wasting this cash (how many will be used before the tests are even over?), he is diverting it from more important purposes.

It follows Biden’s even greater spending on new vaccines and boosters — billions on jabs of questionable efficacy and safety, majority of of which will expire unused, as happened a year ago.

The unprecedented government action in providing testing and developing the jab was justified at the height of the emergency in 2020 – but the emergency is over long ago.

We know most Democrats think Everyone Government programs should be bigger and last longer, but there’s no need to close the barn door now that the horse has fully flown – yet Biden persists Buying a new barn.

Close the curtain on COVID theater.

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