BJP is the only party with presence in all states, will cross 400 mark: Piyush Goyal

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Union Minister Piyush Goyal said in an exclusive interview that the BJP government will “definitely win more than 400” seats this time. Network 18 Group.

When asked about the strength of BJP's election sloganNow the bar is 400 par' And should it continue, Goyal commented, its effectiveness can be gauged by the response of people on the ground and their response to various issues.

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CIM noted, “Political leaders gauge the reaction you're getting from the audience. What's the reaction during a speech, what's the reaction to an issue”.

Goyal highlighted the “weak” opposition's strategy of resorting to “offensive” and “controversial” statements to divert attention from important issues.

He also noted internal conflicts within the Indian bloc, particularly between the CPM and the Congress in Kerala, which have exposed divisions within the opposition.

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Goyal pointed out the irony where parties like the Trinamool Congress (TMC) and the Congress, allies in West Bengal, are embroiled in conflict elsewhere.

“They are friends in West Bengal, but TMC and Congress are fighting,” he said.

He further highlighted the opposition's lack of leadership, policy or will for the nation, questioned their strategy, and at the same time praised PM Modi.

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“They have no leader, no leadership, no policy, no intention for the country. How will they act with compassion and sensitivity? How will they act with compassion and sensitivity? In such a situation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 10-year reign Modi and his 50 years of impeccable public life inspire people and make them believe that only he can take this country to the world stage.

Asked about the BJP's prospects in Kerala and Tamil Nadu this election, Goyal expressed confidence that the party would not only make its presence felt in Kerala, but also in terms of both seats and vote share. Expectations will be exceeded. He mentioned that there are two or three constituencies where the competition for BJP is very high and it is likely to win at least one seat.

Regarding Tamil Nadu, Goyal remarked that the situation in Kerala is mirrored. He asserted that the BJP will win at least two constituencies, and is in a strong position to win four or five others.

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