BJP loses 63 seats, pays heavy price for suppressing MP's voice: TMC's Mehwa Moitra attacks Modi govt

Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Mahva Moitra on Monday attacked the BJP-led NDA government for suspending him in the last Lok Sabha session. He said that Zafarani paid a heavy price for stifling his voice which led to the defeat of 63 BJP MPs in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections.

During a debate on the motion of thanks on the President's address to the joint session of Parliament, Moitra – who represents the Krishnanagar constituency in West Bengal, said the BJP would not be able to treat the opposition the way they did. What happened in the past days? The meeting

“The last time I stood up, I was not allowed to speak. The ruling party paid a heavy price for suppressing the voice of an MLA,” PTI quoted the TMC MP as saying. Moitra was referring to her suspension in the last session.

“In their attempt to silence me, the people silenced them, which resulted in them losing 63 MPs… In the process of sitting me down, Janata Nee Aapko Diya also lost your 63 MPs. Diya,” Moitra began, setting a defiant tone.

Moitra condemned Sengol's installation in Parliament, calling it a symbol of monarchy that has no place in a democracy.

Moitra also asserted that his government, due to BJP's minority status, is not stable and depending on allies, it could fall any day.

“BJP's 'Raj Tantra' has been undermined by this country's 'Lok Tantra'. It is not a stable government. It depends on multiple allies with a history of U-turns. We are 234 fighters this time. , you won't be able to treat us like last time on a walking fire.”

Skipping important issues

Referring to the President's speech, Moitra criticized the Modi government for ignoring important issues.

“There are six themes in the President's address. The budget for the North East has increased fourfold, yet the word 'Manipur' is nowhere in the speech.

“Prime Minister mentioned 'Muslim', 'Madrasa', 'Mutton', 'Machli' and 'Mujra' during the election campaign but not 'Manipur'. No need to. We need you to work in the East and most importantly, embrace the East,” he said.

Empowering women

Challenging the government's claims about women empowerment, Moitra said “It is a complete lie. You delayed reservation in Parliament because you are afraid of 'Nari Shakti'.”

He said that this time there are only 74 women MPs, BJP has only 30 out of 240.

In contrast, TMC had 37% women MPs last time and 38% this time, he noted.

“While we have empowered three lakh 'Lakhpati Didis', the BJP seems to be focused on creating 'Billionaire Dadas',” Moitra said.

On Kashmir

TMCMP questioned the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir.

“If canceling it was such a good idea, why didn't the BJP field candidates in Baramulla, Srinagar and Anantnag-Rajouri? You dropped Ladakh, and five years later, it's still in the Sixth Schedule. Waiting to join. Ladakhis have made you third” he said.

Infrastructure projects

Criticizing the government's infrastructure projects, Moitra said, “You are giving approval. 1.08 lakh crore for Vande Bharat Bullet Train Project. Three trains collided in Balasore last year because there was no 'coach'. Last week, there was no 'couch' in the train accident. With the current level of funding, it will take 50 years to install 'Couch' in all trains.

'Coach' is a Train Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) that provides automatic train protection as well as collision avoidance capabilities for trains.

“Our aviation sector has become a hotbed of domestic threats, with roofs collapsing at newly constructed airports and Pragati Maidan tunnel flooding. This happens when infrastructure is poorly planned. And the supreme leader rushes for photo opportunities,” he said.

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