Boxers spotted on Delhi airport conveyor belt, actor Anup Soni shares video: 'We call it traveling light' | Trending

The boxers were spotted on the conveyor belt of the Delhi airport as passengers waited to retrieve their luggage after their flight. Actor Anup Soni, who was waiting for his luggage at Terminal 2, shared a video of the abandoned boxers.

Boxers on a conveyor belt at Delhi Airport. (Instagram/@anupsoni3)

“Yes, this incident happened in front of my eyes. On Conveyor Belt, Terminal 2, New Delhi. I hope whoever lost it finds it,” reads the caption of the video shared by Sony when translated from Hindi to English.

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The video shows colorful, printed boxers on a conveyor belt at the Delhi airport. No one came forward to claim it during the video. At the end of the video, a man surprisingly points to the boxers.

Watch the video here:

Reacting to the video, one Instagram user wrote, 'Now that's what we call traveling light.

“Very heavy thing. So, obviously, I needed to check in. On a serious note, someone's bag could have broken, and it could have come out,” added another.

A third shared, “It's heavy stuff, sir [It is overweight luggage, sir] That too on priority basis.”

“I feel sorry for the guy who lost his underwear forever. He knows it's there, yet he can't claim it. Sad for him,” expressed a fourth.

Earlier, a video of a worker organizing suitcases at Bengaluru airport's baggage belt went viral on social media. The video shows the meticulous attention to detail of the worker as he carefully arranges all the suitcases in a neat and orderly line to help passengers retrieve them without any inconvenience. This video was shared on X by the handle Pradeep AJ. In the caption of the post, he wrote, “Bangalore Airport does it. FYI.”

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