Britain is at a crossroads ahead of the general election, Rishi Shankar has warned.

British Prime Minister Rishi Singh reacts as he leaves 10 Downing Street in central London on May 8, 2024.

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LONDON – British Prime Minister Rishi Shankar will declare on Monday that Britain is at a “crossroads” and needs bold new ideas as it tries to revive the dwindling support of its ruling Conservative Party ahead of a general election. Want.

In a speech in central London, Sink will say the coming years will be some of the most difficult in Britain's history, with threats such as war, migration and technology set to intensify.

Speaking ahead of national elections expected later this year – although the date has yet to be set – Sink will argue that he is the best person to navigate these risks.

“I feel a deep sense of urgency because more will change in the next five years than in the last 30 years,” according to a preview of the speech provided by Sky News.

“I believe the next few years will be some of the most dangerous but most transformative our country has ever known,” he added.

Downing Street billed the remarks as a “major speech,” but did not provide details of specific proposals when contacted by CNBC.

Aides told the Guardian that Sink had wanted to speak for some time. However, the comments have taken on fresh urgency as the incumbent's political future hangs in the balance following a disappointing performance for the Conservatives in local elections earlier this month, as well as a series of defections by Tory MPs from the opposition Labor Party. in.

Recent opinion polls put Labor 30 points ahead of the Tories, and at least 64 Tory MPs have said they will stand down at the general election.

Labor has said the Conservatives cannot solve Britain's problems because “they are the problem.”

But Sink, who is in a position to tackle illegal immigration and harness the potential of artificial intelligence as key tenets of his premiership, will insist he can take the country forward.

“Our country stands at a crossroads,” he would say. “In the next few years, almost every aspect of our lives is going to change, from our democracy to our economy to our society – to the most difficult questions of war and peace.”

“I have bold ideas that can improve our society, and restore people's confidence and pride in their country.”

It is not clear exactly when Britons will go to the polls, but Sink has hinted that a vote could be called in the autumn. By law, the next UK general election must be held after 28 January 2025.

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