Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reiterates: ‘There is credible information’ about allegations against India in Najjar’s murder | TOI Original

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday once again alleged that agents of the Indian government were involved in the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Najjar in Surrey. In a presser, Trudeau stressed that Canada’s primary focus is on protecting Canadians, protecting values ​​and supporting an order based on international law. He recognized the growing importance of India and expressed Canada’s desire for global and regional cooperation. The Canadian Prime Minister said “..I had a direct and frank discussion with the Prime Minister (Modi), in which I expressed my concerns in no uncertain terms… We demand that the Government of India “That he take this matter seriously and work with us to ensure full transparency and accountability and justice in this matter. To keep Canadians safe and to maintain an order based on our values ​​and international law.” That’s our focus right now.” Additionally, Trudeau said, “There is no question, India is a country of increasing importance and a country that we need to continue to work with, not just in one region, but globally, and we Not trying to provoke or create problems but we are. Unclear about the importance of the rule of law and the importance of standing up for the safety and values ​​of Canadians. Therefore, we the Government of India “We demand that he work with us to establish a process to expose the truth of this matter. Allow justice and accountability to prevail,” says Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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