'Can't think of another reason': Maneka Gandhi criticizes ticket price of IF govt's son Varun Pellabhit India News

New Delhi: BJP leader Maneka Gandhi He suggested that son Varun Gandhi's occasional critical writings about the government could be a major factor behind Pilabhit's denial of a Lok Sabha ticket. He, however, expressed confidence in Varun's ability even without a ticket and mentioned that Varun had expressed interest in campaigning for him in Sultanpur but a decision on the matter was pending.
Asked if his writings on certain topics critical of the government got him a ticket, Maneka said, “I can't think of another reason.”
In an interview with PTI, Maneka addressed Varun's decision not to get a ticket from Pillaibhaet, acknowledging his candidature demands from the constituency but accepting the party's decision.
Regarding Varun Gandhi's future electoral prospects, Maneka indicated that while the Yellow Belt is important, he is free to operate across India, saying “at this time, of course, the Yellow Belt, and India in ki karam bhoomi hai, let it work everywhere.”
Manyika stressed on her focus on local issues during her campaigns and expressed optimism about her current electoral prospects compared to previous elections. Reflecting on her late husband Sanjay Gandhi's developmental legacy in the region, she acknowledged his lasting impact on people's memory. “The family is remembered and they are greatly missed”.
Maneka Gandhi also commented on the BJP's narrative in Uttar Pradesh, noting the importance of the Ram temple issue in Ayodhya but suggesting that it was not a prominent theme in the Sultanpur election speech.
Responding to Congress leader Sam Pitroda's comments on inheritance tax, he criticized his remarks and expressed his personal disagreement with the tax policy and PM Modi's statements on wealth redistribution as a response to Pitroda's comments. Rejected.
Discussing government schemes, Menka highlighted the impact of ration distribution and housing initiatives on land. However, he refrained from analyzing the BJP's performance in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, instead focusing on his campaign.
Refraining from making predictions about her electoral victory margin, she expressed confidence in winning the seat, saying, “I don't make predictions. We will win this seat but by how much, I have no idea”.
In 2019, Maneka Gandhi won Sultanpur by a remarkable margin while this time she is facing Samajwadi Party's Ram Bhol Nishad.
The BJP replaced Varun Gandhi with Jitan Prasad for the Pilibhit seat, continuing the family's long association with the constituency. Varun Gandhi wrote an emotional letter to his constituents in response to not getting a ticket, reaffirming his continued association with them.
Polling is scheduled for May 25 in Uttar Pradesh's Sultanpur constituency, while polling was held in the first phase on April 19 in Pilibhit.

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