Caught on camera A dog walker kills a golden retriever inside a Gurugram apartment lift.

A shocking CCTV footage from an apartment complex in Gurugram shows a golden retriever being brutally beaten by a dog walker inside an elevator. The incident reportedly took place on May 9 at the Orchid Garden in Sector 54.

Footage captured on a security camera showed the dog walker hitting the dog with a whip. The video further shows how the man continued to beat the dog on its head and then slowly put the noose on the animal's face as well.

The CCTV footage was shared by an X user named Vidit Sharma, who wrote, “Disturbing to see cruelty to animals rampant with little attention from mainstream media. Ignore it our dear ones. It only fuels aggression among friends. It's time to speak up and take action. Let's protect the well-being of both humans and animals.”

According to Sharma, who also shared a WhatsApp screenshot on the social media platform, noted that the dog's owners were soon informed about the incident and necessary action was being taken against the person.

The shocking video has been viewed several times on social media and reacting to it, one user commented that it was very sad to see. My heart goes out to this poor dog. It's a hard lesson for people who love dogs like family but abandon them to someone who has no compassion for dogs but money to walk. Please make time for walks or don't pet them.”


Another user said, “Why? That's so sad. He won't even be able to say he was tortured. It breaks my heart.”

Another user wrote, “Nice to hear for the first time from a dog lover who says 'let's protect the welfare of both humans and animals' otherwise they, the so-called animal lovers, would never do anything for human life.” Don't show emotion,” another user wrote.

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