CBSE: CBSE Board Exam Results in Haryana: 12th pass percentage increase, 10th will remain the same. Gurgaon News

Gurgaon: Board examination results released by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on Monday showed that 90.3 per cent of Class XII and 92.1 per cent of Class X students who appeared for the paper in Haryana passed them. . In the Panchkula region, which includes all districts of Haryana, the pass rate improved by more than three percentage points from the previous academic year, when it was 86.9%. The figure was almost the same for class 10 results. In 2023-24, the pass percentage of Panchkula was 92.3%. Across India, the region ranks eighth in the 12th pass percentage, and twelfth this time for the 10th. Gurgaon students have scored as high as 99% marks in Science. stream and 99.4% in humanities. Among the top performers were Yakshtagiri of the city's Ajanta School. He scored 99% in class 12th. Twin brothers – one of whom scored the best in JEE Mains, the results of which were released last month – also scored above 97%. Aarush Bhatt scored 97.8% and his brother Aaru scored 97.4%. Both studied science at Amity International School in Sector 43. Aaro (18) bagged All India Rank 3 in JEE Mains with 100 percentile, and Arush secured 99.65 percentile, TOI reported on April 26. A good result based on my preparation and consistency. I knew that it was difficult to manage both JEE and 12th preparation, but with the help of teachers, my brother and I managed to get good results in both JEE and CBSE. Now, we are just waiting for the JEE Advanced exam and preparing carefully,” Arush said on Monday. Similarly, the twins' Amity batchmate Arish Gupta, who also scored a perfect score in JEE Mains. Kya, scored 98.2% marks in Nadi Gupta School's Synchro Study (Exam Prep) program. Anushka Vora of Suncity School scored 98% marks in Science This is the third year in a row that CBSE has not announced the toppers, a decision taken to reduce the pressure on students, who now focus on college admissions and their entrance exams. Aditya Shankar of Suncity School's Sector 46 branch also secured 98.8 per cent marks followed by school mates Kunal Chandola and Shubham Goenka, both of whom secured 97.2 per cent marks, Shireen Kaul of Amity International in Commerce stream. secured 98.8 percent marks, and Humanities student Sana Shaikh of DPS Sector 45 secured 99.4 percent marks among Class 10 students, Vahan Khurana secured 99.8 percent marks out of a total of 500 marks and his DPS Sector 45 K. Classmate secured 99.4% marks. Anya Dhuja of Suncity School, Biswa Prakash Pareda and Harleen Gill of DPS — all secured 99.2 percent marks in the Class 10 board exams. Students with special needs and differently abled students performed well in the board examinations. Ahan Mathur, a class 10 DPS student who is hearing impaired, secured 93.2% marks. Shaurya Bakshi of Cincity School, who has autism and a learning disability, scored 86.2 percent.” Shaurya has trouble sitting still in the classroom or concentrating on one thing. We are in touch with the teachers. were, who always found a way to bring her attention back to where it was needed. She is very passionate about things. She is an amazing artist and Leans towards designing but his interests fluctuate,” said his mother Tejaswi Kachru. Bakshi's classmate Kirao Goba also secured 80%. Rupa Chakraborty, principal of Suncity School, said Goba had difficulty in reading, writing, comprehension and analysis. “School provided a lot of support, enabling him to grasp and retain concepts. Kero was on heavy medication. But his persistence and determination brought the results we have today.

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