China’s ‘Batwoman’ scientist warns of another ‘highly probable’ coronavirus outbreak in future: Report

China’s most famous virologist, Shi Zhengli, has warned that it is “highly likely” that another coronavirus outbreak will emerge in the future, in a report. South China Morning Post,

In a recent paper co-written with colleagues, Xi, who is popularly known as “Batwoman”, warned that the world should prepare for another disease like COVID-19 because “if the coronavirus Because diseases have emerged before, there is a high probability of this happening.” will cause future outbreaks,” she was quoted as saying by SCMP. Xi got the nickname ‘Batwoman’ because of her studies on viruses that spread from animals, especially bats, to humans.

In the study, Xi’s team from the Wuhan Institute of Virology assessed the likelihood of 40 coronavirus species spreading to humans, describing half of them as “highly risky”. According to the report, 6 are already known to cause diseases. Furthermore, evidence also showed that three more of them spread the disease or infected other animal species.

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The study conducted was based on examining viral characteristics including size, genetic diversity, host species and former zoonotic infections, meaning diseases spread from animals to people.

“It is almost certain that the disease will emerge in the future and it is highly likely [coronavirus] disease again,” the study warned, according to the SCPM report.

According to the research, Shi and his colleagues also identified important hosts of the pathogen, including natural hosts such as bats and rodents or potential intermediate hosts such as camels, civets, pigs or pangolins, the report said.

Meanwhile, the paper was published in English in the July issue of the journal Emerging Microbes and Infections, but it did not receive notice on Chinese social media until this month. The late attention of the Chinese may be partly due to language, but a scientist at the country’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims that the lack of early attention by the Chinese following the sudden change in China is due to the topic. The desire to move forward is also visible. Zero-Covid rules.

“Sometimes in private conversations, when talking with other public health scholars, we have noticed that, intentionally or unintentionally, Chinese officials are downplaying COVID-19, and some “Cities have stopped releasing infection data.”

Speaking about the study conducted by Shi and his colleagues, the CDC scientist said, “Studies like this are not considered groundbreaking or technically challenging and thus less valuable in the field, but they are important,” As quoted in the report.

Meanwhile, in the UK, health care professionals are now preparing for a possible new pandemic called “Disease X.” They warn that the new virus could have a similar impact to the devastating Spanish flu of 1918-1920. Health experts are warning about “Disease X”, a term coined by the World Health Organization. He has warned that this potential new epidemic has the potential to cause 20 times more deaths than the corona virus. The COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020 and has tragically taken more than 2.5 million lives worldwide. Here are the top 10 points about Disease

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