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Chief Minister's deadline for a clean city is over, MCG failed to remove garbage from the streets

Gurgaon: Ten days later Chief Minister Nayab Singh Saini asked the Municipal Corporation to fix it Cleaning A week into the unrest in the city, the streets are still there. Trash their lining.
The Chief Minister will visit different places of the city on Sunday and review the ground situation.
A grievance redressal meeting was held on June 27, when CM Nayab Singh addressed various issues faced by the residents.
Following this directive, the Divisional Commissioner of Gurgaon took charge and held several meetings and announced various measures, such as awarding clean municipal wards and threatening to register FIRs against agencies that are involved in construction and demolition (C&D). & d) Fail to remove waste.
Furthermore, MCG Issued a notice to the responsible agency for not providing enough vehicles to carry the garbage to Bandhwari.
However, despite these efforts, the situation on the ground remains largely unchanged. Garbage piles can still be seen in different areas of the city and door-to-door garbage collection is inconsistent.
Residents are worried about the lack of progress and are demanding immediate action from the authorities.
“There is only noise but no action. We have been hearing promises to improve the sanitation situation, but the city has not seen the desired change in waste management,” said Suresh Yadav, a resident of Sector 47.
Residents stressed that the unclean environment directly affects their health and quality of life.
Radhika Sharma, a resident of DLF-1, said, “Failure to properly dispose of waste not only creates an unpleasant environment but also poses serious health hazards, especially during monsoons when water-borne diseases occur. The risk of diseases increases,” said Radhika Sharma, a resident of DLF-1.
He stressed the need for a comprehensive plan that includes regular collection of garbage, proper disposal of waste and strict enforcement of anti-littering laws.
People hope that the Chief Minister's intervention will lead to strict action against those responsible for poor waste management and provide necessary support to the Municipal Corporation to improve the situation.
Another resident said, “The administration should take concrete steps to ensure that the city is kept clean and establish a sustainable waste management system to prevent such problems in the future.”

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