Concerns rise after hidden cameras found in several Southern California homes

Another hidden camera installed at a home in Garden Grove has residents worried, with many homeowners wondering if the creepy surveillance is connected to the theft-tourist gangs that have been making headlines in Southern California.

The camera was found in the bushes and was hidden so that no one could see it, but who placed it there and how long it has been there is also an unknown.

For the homeowner whose home was apparently under surveillance, the incident has been unsettling ever since his neighbor noticed the camera on his home.

The owner of the house, whose name is Lisa, said, “She thought someone had dumped rubbish in her bush, so she went to clean it up.” “When she got close to the bush, she pulled out a bag and in it was a camera with a battery pack.”

The camera, he said, was found a day after KTLA reported that Glendale police arrested four men with a similar camera and battery pack covered in leaves.

“That's what was weird to me, and that's why I wanted to reach out to you,” Lisa told KTLA's Mary Beth McDade.

Hidden cameras found monitoring homes in Southern California
Hidden cameras found monitoring homes in Southern California
Hidden cameras found monitoring homes in Southern California

Four of the people arrested in the Glendale case were Colombian citizens whom authorities believe are thieving tourists.

Theft tourism involves foreign nationals entering the United States using tourist visas and committing thefts.

“They will commit these crimes, they will use different identities, things like that, and eventually they will go back to their country,” said Sergeant Vahe Abramyan with the Glendale Police Department.

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department issued a bulletin warning residents about South American burglar gangs after a similar camera and battery pack was found in a flower bed at a Calabasas home.

In Chino Hills, residents found a camera and battery pack hidden in a rock earlier this month that was transmitting to a nearby cell phone tower. In that case, too, the camera was oriented toward a single house.

Officials are now advising people to carry out regular checks around their properties to ensure these types of devices are not present.

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